The Nice Guys Body Count Breakdown

The Nice Guys (2016) Body Count Breakdown by Longuecarabine


John Boy (Matt Bomer): 9
Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe): 4
Older Guy (Keith David): 2
Holland March (Ryan Gosling): 1
Blueface (Beau Knapp): 1


“How do you like my car, Big Boy?”: 1
Misty Mountains dies in a car crash

Party: 3
Sid Shattuck’s body is seen killed by either Older Guy or Blueface (Shared)
Healy accidentally causes Older Guy to shoot a man dressed as a tree (Shared)
Healy strangles Blueface to death with his hand

“I acted”: 1
Healy beats a robber to death with a shotgun

Hotel: 2
A bodyguard dies from having his throat cut by John Boy with a knife
John Boy shoots a distributor causing him to fall out of a window to his death

“I threw that little girl out the window”: 1
John Boy shoots Amelia

Auto Show: 7
March shoots Older Guy which causes him to fall off the balcony to his death
John Boy’s bomb blows up 2 people
John Boy shoots a guard
John Boy beats a guard to death with his gun
John Boy shoots a guard
Healy accidentally pulls the pin off a grenade in John Boy’s coat and John Boy throws it onto a guard blowing him up (Shared)