Summertime And The Living's Oily

Rant here, and so is summer. Ah, summer. The season of sun, sweat, mandatory lawn care and big budget shitfeast movies. Many of which I’ve decided to boycott giving my $7.50 to. But all is not bleak, with the time and money I save going out to the theater, I’ll be able to focus my freetime attention on watching classic action films and maybe even write about a few of them for you all to enjoy. That’s the plan, anyways.

In all seriousness, I feel I have to address my infrequent posting and general lackadaisical approach to the site these past three months. As some of you know (or can easily tell by visiting the About page), I’m what you may call–overweight (read: a fat fuck). And in these past three months I’ve been concentrating my time, energy (what little I have) and mindset on remedying this disgusting situation I’ve lumped myself into for far too long. And, needless to say, it hasn’t been easy. Simple, yes. Eat less, exercise more and use fat burning pills to loose the extra weight faster. But not easy. I bring this all up because I think, for the first time in a long while, I’ve finally got myself on the track to healthy town. The hardest part now over, I think the next three months of my in-shape plan will go more smoothly and I’ll be able to start re-directing some of my attention back to writing Action reviews.

Yesterday, in honor of the Anniversary of my first Breakdown, I re-posted First Blood, revamped and re-written in my new Action Movie Breakdown Format. As I’m sure many of you noticed. This was the first of probably 30 or so that I plan on Reduxing with expanded views and observations to give them a more complete and solid review that they deserve. And on top of this endeavor, I plan to also start releasing new Breakdowns of Classic Action flicks to better pad our project with awesomeness. The first of which, should be up tomorrow. Which I hope you’ll enjoy–it’s a classic flick and long overdue for a Breakdown.

As for the podcast–I’m just not sure. While the end product is fun, the making off it is a huge pain in the ass for me. The main issue being time and equipment. Also the stress to deliver a quality show fuckin’ eats at me. So, at least for now, I plan to just keep writing. So at least that’s something.

One last thing, to Fabio about his request of a Farewell, Friend Breakdown. I finally did get around to watching the movie, and while I enjoyed Bronson quite a lot, the film itself is just not really an Action Movie. And to include it with the rest of our selections would open a door I’d really rather leave shut with the Ghostbusters and Days Of Thunder mistaken inclusions I’ve already made. Sorry, man. I know you were looking forward to it, but with this new outlook on what I want to concentrate on, I’m cutting out the Sport, Crime, Super-Hero and Action/Horror sub-genres from my plate and sticking to the classics and dye-in-the-wool Bad-Ass cinema. I hope ya understand.

That all said, I’m pretty much tapped. Remember to email me or leave me a PM on the forums for any questions or comments. Until next month, hope you guys dig the Breakdowns. War out. ~Ty


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