Olivier Gruner Killcounts

Movies Angel Town 3 Nemesis 16 Automatic 31 Savate 5 Savage 19 Mercenary 87 Mars 6 T.N.T. 15 Mercenary II: Thick And Thin 9 Kumite G.O.D. Guaranteed On Delivery, Guaranteed Overnight Delivery 1 Extreme Honor 6 Deadly Engagement 13 Power Elite 8 The Circuit 2: The Final Punch 1 Interceptor Force 2 They Have Returned, … Read moreOlivier Gruner Killcounts

Raizô Ichikawa Killcounts

The Great White Tiger Platoon Zenigata Heiji: Ghost Lord Sen-Hime Utagoyomi Onatsu Seijûrô The Young Swordsman The Second Son The Magistrate The Young Lord Bara Ikutabika The Dancer And The Two Warriors The Magical Warrior Taira Clan Saga Iroha Elegy The Thief And The Magistrate Migratory Birds Of The Flowers Matashiro’s Fighting Journey Asatarô The … Read moreRaizô Ichikawa Killcounts

Anthony Quinn Killcounts

Movies The Milky Way Parole! Sworn Enemy Night Waitress Swing High, Swing Low Waikiki Wedding Under Strange Flags The Last Train From Madrid Partners In Crime Daughter Of Shanghai Dangerous To Know Tip-Off Girls Hunted Men King Of Alcatraz King Of Chinatown Union Pacific 1 Island Of Lost Men Television Spy Emergency Squad Parole Fixer … Read moreAnthony Quinn Killcounts

Takeshi “Beat” Kitano Killcounts

Movies Go, Go, Second Time Virgin Danpu Wataridori Manon Completely… With That Air! Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence 1 Kanashii Kibun De Joke No More Comics Anego Violent Cop 5 Hoshi Wo Tsugu Mono Boiling Point 5 Kimu No Sensô Dioxin From Fish! Erotic Liasons Sonatine 46 Kyôso Tanjô Johnny Mnemonic 2 Gonin 9 Hana-Bi 6 … Read moreTakeshi “Beat” Kitano Killcounts