[THE CHALK-OUTLINE] Assassins (1994): Breakdown by Kain424 On his way to retirement, a hitman is suddenly challenged by a deadly up and coming assassin. [THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THEIR BADASSITUDE] THE GOOD GUYS: Sylvester Stallone is Robert Rath a.k.a. “Joseph” Sly is pretty solid here, mostly because he has Banderas to play off.  Still, … Read moreAMB: ASSASSINS (1994)

AMB: Iron Man 2 (2010)

[THE CHALK OUTLINE] Iron Man 2 (2010): breakdown by Rorschach94 A wealthy businessman, who is also a superhero, must deal with the consequences of revealing that he is a superhero to the world while also dealing with a shady government organization trying to recruit him, an angry Russian trying to kill him, a jealous businessman … Read moreAMB: Iron Man 2 (2010)

AMB: Iron Man (2008)

[THE CHALK-OUTLINE] Iron Man (2008): breakdown by Rorschach94 A selfish billionaire learns a lesson about humanity after building a robot suit and killing terrorists, and decides to become a humanitarian by building a deadlier robot suit and killing more terrorists. [THE EXECUTION] Marvel Comics, deciding they could make more money if they cut out the … Read moreAMB: Iron Man (2008)

Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) Body Count Breakdown

Beverly Hills Cop II (1987): Body Count Breakdown Redo by Nomoredogsleft94 (previously done by Kooshmeister) [Character Kills] Det. Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold): 5 Det. Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy): 4 Sgt. John Taggart (John Ashton): 3 Karla Fry (Brigitte Nielsen): 2 Charles “Chip” Cain (Dean Stockwell): 1 [Corpse Breakdown] “Goodbye Mr. Cain”: 3 -Chip shoots a … Read moreBeverly Hills Cop II (1987) Body Count Breakdown