Spectre (2015) Killcount And Body Count Breakdown

Spectre (2015)

Starring Daniel Craig

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Craig kills 232

Spectre rights held by Eon Productions, MGM and Sony.

Spectre (2015) Body Count Breakdown by Longuecarabine

[Character Kills]

RN Commander James Bond/Agent 007 (Daniel Craig): 232
Dr. Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux): 2
Franz Oberhauser/Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Christoph Waltz): 1
Gareth Mallory/M (Ralph Fiennes): 1
Mr. Hinx (Dave Bautista): 1
Mr. White (Jesper Christensen): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Dia De Las Muertos: 5
Bond shoots Gallo
Bond shoots one of Gallo’s men
Bond shoots a briefcase bomb blowing up one of Gallo’s men
Bond kicks Marco Sciarra out of a helicopter causing him to fall to his death
Bond kicks Sciarra’s pilot out of a helicopter to his death

Lucia’s House: 2
Bond shoots 2 SPECTRE assassins

“Ciao Mickey Mouse”: 2
Mr. Hinx shoves his thumbs into Guerra’s eyes then breaks his neck
Bond throws Lorenzo off a balcony onto a table killing him

“You’re a kite dancing in a hurricane Mr. Bond”: 1
Mr. White shoots himself in the head

Ring Cycle: 1
A photo of Mr. Oberhauser is seen killed by Blofeld

“I kill people”: 8
Bond taps a car with the landing gear of his plane causing the car to crash blowing up 2 of Hinx’s men
Bond crashes the plane into a car causing it to crash killing 4 of Hinx’s men which causes Hinx’s car to crash killing one of his men
Bond shoots one of Hinx’s men

“Shit”: 1
Bond wraps a rope around Mr. Hinx’s neck then kicks a bunch of barrels off the train and then attaches a rope to the barrels causing Mr. Hinx to be pulled off the train by his neck killing him

Blofeld’s Base: 210
Bond activates the watch bomb which Madeleine slides across the room blowing up 2 of Blofeld’s men (Shared)
Bond shoots 4 of Blofeld’s men
Bond shoots a gas pipe blowing up 3 of Blofeld’s men
Bond shoots 6 of Blofeld’s men
Bond shooting the gas pipe causes the entire base to explode blowing up 195 of Blofeld’s men

“And now we know what C stands for careless”: 6
Bond shoots 2 of Blofeld’s men
M shoots a glass ceiling which causes C to fall to his death
Bond shoots a helicopter’s engine causing it to crash killing Blofeld’s 2 pilots and Blofeld’s Right Hand Man

[The Final Tally= 236]