Skyscraper Body Count Breakdown

Skyscraper (2018) Body Count Breakdown by Longuecarabine


Kores Botha (Roland Møller): 10
Xia (Hannah Quinlivan): 9
Will Sawyer (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson): 7
Ray (Kevin Rankin): 6
Ajani Okeke (Adrian Holmes): 3
Sergeant Han (Elfina Luk): 3
Zhao Long Ji (Chin Han): 2
Skinny Hacker (Matt O’Leary): 2
Mr. Pierce (Noah Taylor): 1
Ben Gillespie (Pablo Schreiber): 1


Opening: 6
A cop’s body is seen killed by Ray
Ray blows up himself, His wife, His son, His daughter and a FBI officer

Structural Imperfection: 1
Botha breaks a worker’s neck

“They weren’t supposed to be there”: 1
Will accidentally forces Ben to shoot himself and he dies from his wound (Shared)

“Thank you”: 7
Xia shoots a cop
Will uses one of Xia’s men as a human shield and he is shot by Xia’s men (Shared)
Xia shoots a cop
A cop shoots one of Xia’s men
Xia shoots a cop
A cop shoots one of Xia’s men in the background
Xia shoots a cop

Offsite Control Facility: 15
Xia shoots a security guard
Xia’s men shoot 12 technicians
Xia shoots 2 security guards

“Ladies and Gentlemen I give you a $65 billion chimney”: 2
Skinny Hacker opens the vents which spreads the fire started by Botha and his men causing it to blow up 2 security guards (Shared)

“Not that smart”: 1
Xia shoots Skinny Hacker in the head

“That’s not our pilot”: 11
Pierce shoots a security guard
Botha shoots 5 security guards
Botha’s men shoot a security guard
Ajani shoots Botha’s helicopter pilot
Botha shoots Ajani
Botha’s helicopter pilot pushes the throttle forward in his death spasms causing a helicopter to crash into a wall blowing up 2 of Botha’s men (Ajani’s kills)

Garden: 1
Will throws Pierce off a bridge to his death

Pearl Of Mirrors: 5
Will cuts down one of Botha’s men with a sword
Zhao shoots one of Botha’s men
Will shoves one of Botha’s men onto a sword
Will pulls a parachute’s chute causing one of Botha’s men to get entangled and fly off a deck causing him to fall to his death
Zhao shoots one of Botha’s men

Capturing Xia: 4
Han and cops shoot 3 of Xia’s men (Shared)
Xia shoots a cop

“But there’s one thing you should know first I’m right behind you”: 1
Will kicks Botha off a deck causing him to drop a grenade accidentally blowing himself up (Shared)