RED Body Count Breakdown

RED (2010) Body Count Breakdown by Red Genghis

[Character Kills]

Frank Moses (Bruce Willis): 8
Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich): 4
CIA Agent William Cooper (Karl Urban): 3
Victoria Winslow (Helen Mirren): 2
Joe Matheson (Morgan Freeman): 1
Russian Attaché Ivan Simanov (Brian Cox): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Attack on Frank’s house: 6
-Frank breaks one of Dunning’s assassin’s neck 180-degrees then smashes his head into a wall
-Frank punches one of Dunning’s assassins in the throat, crushing his windpipe (confirmed in dialogue that no-one survived)
-Frank forces one of Dunning’s assassins to stab himself in the neck with his own poison syringe and injects him with it, killing him
-Frank shoots one of Dunning’s assassins in the head, sending him flying across the room
-Frank shoots another of Dunning’s assassins in the back
-Frank shoots the last of Dunning’s assassins in the face

“Don’t you know who I am?” “Of course I do”: 2
-A woman is shown in the photos, killed off-screen by Cooper (he is seen with her fingerprints and pieces of her hair, and frames The Hanged Man for her murder)
-Cooper kicks the chair out from under The Hanged Man, hanging him in a staged suicide

Visiting Mrs. Chan: 1
-A photo of Stephanie Chan is shown, killed by Dunning’s assassins who attacked Frank

The hit list: 1
-An obituary photo of Aaron Bard is shown, hanged in a staged suicide by CIA assassins

“Old man, my ass”: 4
-A CIA assassin in the helicopter shoots Gabriel Singer through the control tower windows with an LMG
-Frank blows up a CIA assassin with a grenade launcher
-A CIA assassin throws a grenade and Marvin knocks it back by swinging the grenade launcher at it, blowing up the assassin instead (shared)
-Marvin shoots the RPG rocket The Businesswoman fired in mid-air, blowing up The Businesswoman instead

Joe’s fate revealed: 1
-Joe shoots The Retirement Home Assassin in a brief flashback

“Who fired the shot?”: 1
-A CIA assassin snipes Joe Matheson after he poses as Frank

Kidnapping Stanton: 2
-Victoria hits The Lone Agent in the throat with her purse, crushing his windpipe (a loud crack is heard and his body is still there when Cooper comes through)
-Ivan detonates the bomb under the secondary limo using the pen detonator, blowing up the limo driver

“Fuck you, Cynthia”: 5
-Cooper shoots CIA Supervisor Cynthia Wilkes
-Marvin shoots one of Dunning’s men
-Victoria snipes one of Dunning’s men manning the machine gun
-Marvin shoots the last one of Dunning’s men
-Frank chops Alexander Dunning in the throat, crushing his windpipe

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

-Several beatings and knockouts, but nothing lethal.
-A couple of non-lethal gunshot wounds, but they are still alive after.
-Sarah also mentions from the hit list that Hank Maestriano died in a car crash two weeks ago and Daniel McGinty died of a heart attack the previous week, both the work of CIA assassins.
-Henry the Records Keeper mentions that Frank had killed terrorists and drug lords, and toppled entire governments single handed.
-Marvin mentions that all the people on the hit list were involved in an operation in Guatemala, 1981, where an entire village of civilians was wiped out by Stanton after he went crazy.
-Dunning mentions that Stanton’s father, Senator James Stanton, is dead.

[The Final Tally= 23]