RED 2 Body Count Breakdown

RED 2 (2013) Body Count Breakdown by Red Genghis

[Character Kills]

Dr. Edward Bailey (Anthony Hopkins): 29
Victoria Winslow (Helen Mirren): 16
Frank Moses (Bruce Willis): 13
Jack Horton (Neal McDonough): 7
Han Cho Bai (Lee Byung-hun): 7
Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich): 4
The Frog (David Thewlis): 2
Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker): 2
Commando (Bentley Kalu): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Yankee White facility massacre: 21
-Horton shoots FBI Special Agent Kelly
-Horton shoots FBI Special Agent in Charge John Snyder in the head
-Horton shoots an FBI agent
-Horton shoots another FBI agent standing off-screen (his death grunt is heard)
-The Commando and one of Horton’s men shoot an FBI agent (shared)
-One of Horton’s men shoots an FBI agent standing off-screen (his death grunt is heard)
-Horton’s men shoot FBI Special Agent Wade off-screen (shooting and a death grunt is heard)
-Horton shoots The Young FBI Agent after bursting into the room
-2 FBI agents are seen dead in the corridor, shot by Horton’s men
-Horton shoots one of his own men Frank took hostage in the head
-Frank sets a grenade trap under one of Horton’s men he knocked out that is set off when another of Horton’s men lifts him up, blowing up 3 of Horton’s men total (shared)
-Frank kicks a safe off a shelf that hits one of Horton’s men on the top of the head, killing him
-Frank pushes one of Horton’s men’s rifle along a shelfing unit until it catches and he falls down, breaking his neck with the rifle’s strap
-Marvin shoots The Commando with a shotgun
-Marvin shoots another of Horton’s men with a shotgun
-Frank throws a grenade into the room as they leave, blowing up 3 more of Horton’s men he knocked out

“Nobody’s going public”: 1
-Horton covers General McKennon’s face with pieces of paper, suffocating him to death

“Mr. Fernandez pays better”: 1
-Han stabs Mr. Cobb in the throat with a photo folded into sharpened origami

“Keeping busy, I see?” “Idle hands do the devil’s work”: 3
-2 targets are seen dead, killed by Victoria
-Victoria stands on the surviving target’s throat with one foot, choking him to death

A fair warning: 1
-A target is seen dead in the bathtub before being dissolved with acid, killed by Victoria

“That should buy us 24 hours”: 3
-3 chargrilled bodies are seen in the burning jeep, killed by Victoria and used as diversions for Frank, Marvin and Sarah

“No, he took some sort of poison before we really talked”: 2
-One of Horton’s men is seen dead, knife thrown into his back by The Frog
-The Frog is seen dead, killed himself with poison

“Yes, it is time”: 1
-Bailey shoots Major General Katja Petrokovich

“And you didn’t see that coming, did you, old sport?”: 23
-Bailey drops the canister of nerve agent on the floor, shattering it and poisoning The Young Guard and 15 US soldiers seen onboard, and the 2 pilots off-screen
-Bailey shoots 4 US soldiers taking too long to die from the nerve agent
-Bailey shoots Mr. Davis

Hangar fight: 1
-A Russian soldier is seen dead, killed by Han

“Sorry about the mess on the carpet” / “Fare thee well, patriot”: 18
-Sarah shoots The Revolutionary Guard Captain
-Bailey stabs an embassy security guard in the chest with his own knife
-Bailey stabs Arman in the chest with a knife
-Bailey stabs Jack Horton in the chest with a knife
-Victoria shoots an embassy security guard
-Victoria shoots 2 more security guards standing off-screen (they were seen previously)
-Victoria shoots another security guard
-Victoria shoots the last security guard in the room standing off-screen (again, see previously)
-Frank, Marvin, Han and Sarah shoot a security guard (shared)
-Frank shoots a security guard
-Frank and Marvin shoot a security guard (shared)
-Frank shoots another security guard
-Han shoots a security guard with dual pistols
-Another security guard is seen dead on the floor, shot off-screen by Han with dual pistols
-Han slashes 2 security guards across the chest before stabbing them in the chest at the same time with dual knives
-A security guard is seen dead in the courtyard, killed off-screen by Bailey

“Show me something”: 5
-Victoria shoots the embassy security guard driving the SUV, causing it to crash into a parked car and flip through the air, killing the other security guard onboard
-An embassy security guard shoots The Helicopter Pilot in the back of the head while firing at Frank’s helicopter
-Victoria shoots out the tire to the second SUV, causing the SUV to swerve into the path of a truck and get smashed into before flipping over, killing the 2 embassy security guards inside

“I didn’t see that one coming”: 1
-Frank secretly places the Nightshade bomb on the jet, which detonates when the timer Bailey activated runs out, vaporising Dr. Edward Bailey in a Red Mercury explosion (shared)

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

-Many beatings and knock-outs, but nothing lethal.
-Several non-lethal gunshots to legs and arms, but nothing lethal.
-Lots of gunfire is heard from off-screen during the facility massacre, but there are no seen kills.
-Horton mentions some Belgian mercenaries he met in the Congo who used to torture people by flaying them alive, starting at the ankles.
-General McKennon mentions that 11 people were killed during the massacre, including 5 FBI agents, but more than that were seen physically killed, making it a continuity error.
-The Frog is mentioned as having incapacitated 1,600 people after dosing the KGB headquarters water supply with Amazon tree frog poison.
-Bailey mentions that his wife Natasha and his six-year-old boy were killed by the car bomb used by MI6 to fake his death 32 years earlier.

[The Final Tally= 81]