Taxi Hunter (1993) Body Count Breakdown

Taxi Hunter [Di Shi Pan Guan] (1993) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Kin (Anthony Wong Chau Sang) – 4 kills
Yu (Yu Rongguang) – 3 kills


Robbery – 3
-Yu shoots 1 robber in the head
-Yu shoots the robber in front of the hijacked taxi
-Yu shoots the third robber in the back

“My shift has ended!!!” – 1
-A reckless taxi driver shuts his door against Kin’s wife, dragging her across the road and wounding her mortally (she dies later in the hospital)

Vengeance/”Don’t puke in my taxi!!!” – 1

-Kin strangles and stabs an unfriendly taxi driver

“I just don’t want to pick her up, what are you going to do about it???” – 1

-Kin shoots the mean taxi driver who refused to pick up an old lady

“This isn’t your house… its mine!!!” – 1

-Kin shoots a taxi driver who tries to rape a young woman passenger, then jams his head against the taxi’s windshield breaking it

Chase – 1
-Kin, who is driving the out-of control taxi, runs over the top of a car most likely killing its driver


-A taxicab runs into a parked vehicle during the chase, but the impact isn’t strong enough to kill.
-Kin is flogged by an angry mob at the end, but he survives.