Kurt Russell Killcounts

It Happened At The World’s Fair
Guns Of Diablo
Mosby’s Marauders
The Horse In The Gray Flannel Suit
Guns In The Heather
Fools’ Parade
Charley And The Angel
Search For The Gods
The Deadly Tower 14
The Quest
The Quest: The Longest Drive
The Captive: The Longest Drive 2
Christmas Miracle In Caufield, U.S.A.
Amber Waves
Escape From New York 12
The Thing 12
Swing Shift
The Mean Season 1
Big Trouble In Little China 6
Tequila Sunrise 1
Winter People 1
Tango & Cash 5
Backdraft 2
Unlawful Entry 2
Tombstone 17
Stargate 18
Escape From L.A. 26
Breakdown 2
Soldier 41
Poseidon 1
Death Proof 5
The Art Of The Steal
Furious 7

Fast & Furious 7

Bone Tomahawk 6
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 88

TOTAL: 266

No Kills In: Follow Me, Boys!, The One And Only, Genuine, Original Family Band, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, The Barefoot Executive, Now You See Him, Now You Don’t, Superdad, The Strongest Man In The World, Elvis, Used Cars, The Fox And The Hound, Silkwood, The Best Of Times, Overboard, Captain Ron, Forrest Gump, Executive Decision [Critical Decision], 3000 Miles To Graceland, Vanilla Sky, Interstate 60: Episodes Of The Road, Dark Blue, Miracle, Jiminy Glick In Lalawood, Sky High, Dreamer, The Hateful Eight, Deepwater Horizon, The Fate Of The Furious [Fast & Furious 8], The Christmas Chronicles, Crypto, Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood, The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two, F9: The Fast Saga [Fast & Furious 9]

**All counts above 9 are tentative. Until there is a video showing verification, you may take these numbers with a grain of salt.