Get Smart (2008) Body Count Breakdown

Get Smart (2008) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway): 5
Maxwell Smart (Steve Carrell): 3
Kristic (David S. Lee): 3
Dalip (Dalip Singh): 1
Siegfried (Terence Stamp): 1


Building: 1
-Siegfried shoots 1 of his own men

Targets: 3
-Kristic shoots a CONTROL agent while eating
-Kristic shoots another CONTROL agent at a marketplace
-Kristic shoots a CONTROL agent and he is hit by an oncoming bus

Mansion: 4
-Max shoots 1 henchman in the computer room
-Max shoots another henchman on a flight of stairs
-99 kicks a henchman in the skull, surely killing him
-Max shoots Kirstic

Bakery: 3
-99 shoots 2 henchmen
-99 breaks a henchman’s neck

Chase: 1
-99 lights 23’s car on fire, causing it to stumble off the tracks and eventually get hit by a train, killing 23 in the blast

Car: 1
-Dalip throws Siegfried out of the car and off a bridge to his death


-It is not shown if any KAOS henchmen are killed by Max’s explosives but it’s a safe bet that they survived
-99 beats up several henchmen throughout the film but didn’t kill them