Curry And Pepper (1990) Body Count Breakdown

Curry And Pepper [Ga Li La Jiao] (1990) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Officer Shao Wen “Pepper” (Stephen Chow) – 13 kills
Officer Cheung “Curry” (Jacky Cheung) – 11 kills
Vietnamese Hitman “Abalone” (Blacky Ko) – 9 kills


Shopping Mall – 2
-Abalone shoots Ah Kau
-Abalone shoots 1 innocent person

Chase – 2
-Abalone shoots 1 innocent passerby
-Abalone runs over a woman

Hospital – 1
-Abalone shoots Tenny in the gut, then leaves him in the bushes to die

Boat/Infiltration – 25
-Pepper shoots 6 thugs from behind a stack of crates
-Curry shoots 6 other thugs while swinging through the air on a suspended chain
-Abalone shoots the General and 3 boat crew
-Pepper shoots 1 thug in the corridor outside
-Curry and Pepper shoots 1 more thug together
-Pepper shoots 1 thug that sneaked upon them
-Curry shoots 1 thug behind a set of railings
-Curry and Pepper guns down 5 thugs on top of the stairs together (2 kills to Curry, 2 to Pepper, and 1 shared)

Upper Deck – 1
-Pepper shoots Abalone through the back of his head, just as he is about to impale Curry with a fire axe


-Curry and Pepper knocks out several thugs during the boat’s infiltration.