Fred Williamson Killcounts

The Legend Of Nigger Charley
Hammer 1
Black Caesar 8
The Soul Of Nigger Charley
Hell Up In Harlem 27
That Man Bolt 5
Crazy Joe
Tough Guys
Black Eye
Three The Hard Way 39
Boss Nigger 18
Bucktown 3
Take A Hard Ride 13
Mean Johnny Barrows 7
Adiós Amigo 2
No Way Back
Death Journey 13
Blind Rage
Joshua: The Black Rider 17
Mr. Mean
The Inglorious Bastards 38
Fear In The City
Vigilante 3
1990: The Bronx Warriors 2
One Down, Two To Go 4
The New Barbarians: Warriors Of The Wasteland 27
The Last Fight
The Big Score 10
Warriors Of The Year 2072

Fighting Centurions

Deadly Impact
White Fire
Half Nelson
Foxtrap 13
The Messenger 18
Black Cobra 14
Hell’s Heroes
Delta Force Commando 16
Deadly Intent
The Black Cobra 2 12
The Kill Reflex 2
Delta Force Commando II: Priority Red One 1
Black Cobra 3: The Manila Connection 51
Detective Malone
Three Days To A Kill 10
Steele’s Law 11
State Of Mind
South Beach 4
Silent Hunter
From Dusk Till Dawn 6
Original Gangstas 11
Night Vision 4
Children Of The Corn V: Fields Of Terror
Whatever It Takes 1
Active Stealth
Down ‘n Dirty 6
Deadly Rhapsody
Carmen: A Hip Hopera
Shadow Fury
The Rage Within
On The Edge 3
If Love Hadn’t Left Me Lonely
Spaced Out
Soft Target


Vegas Vampires
Fighting Words
Shoot The Hero
Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption 11
The Voices From Beyond
Beyond Control
Last Ounce Of Courage
Dropping Evil
Billy Trigger
Atomic Eden
Check Point 1
Victory By Submission
A Chance In The World
Jackson Bolt
A Stone Cold Christmas
Devil’s Triangle

TOTAL: 446

No Kills In: M*A*S*H, Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon, Warrior Of The Lost World, Starsky & Hutch, Revamped

**All counts above 9 are tentative. Until there is a video showing verification, you may take these numbers with a grain of salt.