Blackjack (1998) Killcount And Body Count Breakdown

Blackjack (1998)

Starring Dolph Lundgren

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Lundgren kills 15

Blackjack rights held by Dimension.

Blackjack (1998) Body Count Breakdown by lvumetender009


Jack Devlin (Dolph Lundgren) – 15
Rory Gaines (Philip MacKenzie) – 5


Mansion – 11
-Thugs kills 1 guard
-Jack shoots 6 thugs inside mansion’s hall
-Thugs accidentally shoot 1 of their own
-Jack shoots 3 more thugs while bouncing on a trampoline

Suite – 2
-Rory kills 2 of his targets

Freeway – 10
-Biker slides motorcycle loaded with C4 under a car, blowing it up and killing its driver
-Rory shoots 3 of Cinder’s bodyguards
-Jack shoots 2 bikers
-Bikers shoots 1 bodyguard
-Jack shoots then knocks down 1 biker
-Jack shoots motorcycle’s fuel tank, blowing up 1 biker in mid-air
-Jack shoots and blows up 1 more biker

White Room Showdown – 2

-Jack has a vision of an unidentified man being shot (the scene is too dark to tell who shot who)
-Jack shoots Rory


-There are at least 2 guards patrolling the mansion’s courtyard, but only 1 is shown being killed.