Danny Lee Sau-Yin Killcounts

The Water Margin
Man Of Iron

Dirty Chan

The Blood Brothers
River Of Fury
The House Of 72 Tenants
The Iron Bodyguard 7
The Savage Five 4
Hong Kong 73
Gossip Street
This Time I’ll Make You Rich

Questa Volta To Faccio Ricco!

The Teahouse
The Two Faces Of Love
Queen Hustler
Temperament Of Life
It’s All In The Family
The Gambling Syndicate
All Men Are Brothers 19
Infra-Man 47
The Imposter
The Big Holdup
All Mixed Up
Bruce Lee And I 1
Killer Clans 5
Erotic Nights
Karate Killers On Wheels
The Oily Maniac 29
Brave Archer

Kung Fu Warlords

The Mighty Peking Man


The Battle Wizard 4
The Call Girls
Cloth, Scissors, Rock
Life Gamble
The Brave Archer Part II
Sensual Pleasures
He Who Never Dies
The Brothers 1
Murder Plot 3
The Executor
The King Of Fists And Dollars
Flying Sword Lee
The Informer 1
The Mask Of Vengeance
Wu Tang Clan

Story Of Chivalry, The Unforgiven Of Shaolin

Night Of The Assassins 9
The Great Cheat
The Gambler And The Fake
Murderer Pursues 2
One Way Only
Big Boss
The Eight Escorts
Private First Class
Gambler’s Delight
The Brave Archer III

Blast Of The Iron Palm

First Exposure

Super Dragon’s Dynamo

The Organization
Made In China

Ninja In The Claws Of The CIA, Hard Fists

What Price Honesty?
Brave Archer And His Mate

Brave Archer 4

Behind The Storm
Dirty Angel
Coolie Killer
Funny Boys
The Perfect Match
The Stunning Gambling
Ninja: The Violent Sorcerer
The Sensational Pair
Oh! My Cops
Shanghai 13 1
Law With Two Phases

Public Servant

The Tattoo
Double Trouble
King Of Snake
Chase A Fortune
Fascinating Affairs
Cops In The Town 1
Parking Service
The Law Enforcer 2
The Innocent Interloper
Tragic Hero
City On Fire 6
Code Of Honour
Rich And Famous
Road Warriors
No Compromise 2
Thunder Of Gigantic Serpent
Criminal Hunter
Final Justice (1988) 2
Aces Go Places V: The Terracotta Hit

Mad Mission V: The Terracotta Hit

The Killer 49
Thank You, Sir
Just Heroes 24
Tiger On The Beat II 5
Takes Two To Mingle
The Unmatchable Match
No Way Back
The Big Score
Undeclared War 5
Against All
Blue Lightning 4
Red Shield 8
Powerful Four 9
Rhythm Of Destiny
Dr. Lamb
Invincible 4
The Night Rider
Run And Kill
The Eight Immortals Restaurant: The Untold Story

Bunman: The Unold Story

Love To Kill
The Sword Stained With Royal Blood 104
Organized Crime & Triad Bureau
Fearless Match
Portrait Of A Serial Rapist
Shoot To Kill
Nobody Ever Cheats
Water Tank Murder Mystery
Internal Affair
The Case Of The Cold Fish
Asian Connection
City Cop 1
To Be Number One
Final Justice (1997) 2
Walk In
98 Wise Guys: Dragon Struggle Tiger Fight

Young And Dangerous 5, Young And Dangerous 1998, Young And Dangerous 2020

He Is My Enemy, Partner, And Father-In-Law
The Untold Story III
Untouchable Maniac
Man Wanted 3
White Storm 5
Romancing Bullet 2
Mafia.com 1
The Killer Of The Lonely Heart
Hong Kong History Y
Hero Of City
Shark Busters
Unarm 72 Hours
Naked Ambition
Heat Team
Fatal Move

Triad Wars

Playboy Cops
Red River
Crossing Hennessy
Si Ping Qing Nian: Hao Ge Da Zhan Gu Huo Zai
Guardians Of Ancient Magic


No Kills In: The Bod Squad [Enter The Seven Virgins]

The Diamond’s Dream


**All counts above 9 are tentative. Until there is a video showing verification, you may take these numbers with a grain of salt.