RANTBO RECOMMENDS… The Chalk-Outline: In typical sniper-assassin style, our killer is a man of three names. Marky Mark is Bob Lee Swagger, and no he also isn’t a used car salesman as the name might suggest. He is, however, an ex-Marine Scout Sniper and current loner badboy. Having forsaken mankind for clean mountain air, a … Read moreRANTBO RECOMMENDS & REPREHENDS: SNIPER EDITION

The Worst Movie Ever Made?: michael bay’s transformers

Now, before I start my bitchfest, I should mention that even though I was a child of the eighties, I was never into the Transformers. I can only speculate, as my preteen memory is poor, that I simply skipped past them en route from ThunderCats to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And I’m not really sure … Read moreThe Worst Movie Ever Made?: michael bay’s transformers