Bounty Tracker (1993) Body Count Breakdown

Bounty Tracker (1993) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Jewels (Cyndi Pass): 12
Erik Guass (Matthias Hues): 9
Jonathan “Johnny” DeMone (Lorenzo Lamas): 4
Alec (Steve Cohen): 4
Tony (Eddie Fiars): 1


“It’s Bad for the Nerves”: 1
-Jewels shoots Whitney

Office Massacre: 7
-Jewels shoots 1 office worker
-Alec shoots 2 office workers (1 onscreen, 1 off-screen)
-Erik shoots 1 office worker
-Jewels shoots 2 more office workers
-Jewels shoots the officer worker about to call the cops

House Massacre: 8
-Jewels snipes the cop guarding the house
-Erik shoots the cop inside the house
-Alec shoots another cop
-Alec shoots the last cop
-Jewels executes Detective Gray
-John shoots Alec
-Jewels shoots Isabelle
-Erik shoots Paul

Studio: 1
-John flips the swordsman and he hits his head on the ground really hard, killing him

Hotel: 1
-Jewels shoots the maid

“Die In Hell”: 1
-Erik stabs Alberto

Stakeout: 7

-Erik kills 1 guard with a crossbow
-Jewels shoots 1 cop
-Jewels shoots 2 cops inside the building
-Erik shoots 3 cops

Scrap Yard: 5
-Jewels shoots Luis’ bodyguard
-Jewels shoots Luis’ partner in the back
-Erik shoots Luis
-Tony shoots Ramses
-John shoots Jewels

Final Fight: 1
-John kicks Erik onto a pole which impales him through the ear


-John beats up/knocks out the 4 fighters in the judo studio but didn’t kill them
-Erik beats up 2 cops at the office but didn’t finish them off