Black Eagle (1988) Killcount And Body Count Breakdown

Black Eagle (1988)

Starring Shô Kosugi and Jean-Claude Van Damme

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Kosugi kills 21
Van Damme kills 2

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Black Eagle (1988) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

(previously done by Kain424)


Ken Tani (Shô Kosugi): 21
Andrei (Jean-Claude Van Damme): 2
Father Badeila (Bruce French): 2
Steve Anderson (Gene Davis): 2
Patricia Parker (Doran Clark): 1


Bomber Recording: 2
-Bomber’s wingman is destroyed, killing the pilot
-“Nighthawk” crashes into the ocean, killing the pilot

Capture: 3
-Anderson stabs a thug with the harpoon stuck in his leg
-Anderson shoots a thug
-Andrei kills Anderson

Afghanistan: 3
-Ken kills 1 Russian
-Ken’s fellow soldiers kill 2 Russians

Swimming: 1
-Andrei drowns Anderson’s liasion

Muesum Chase: 3
-Ken strangles a spy in a street corner
-Ken shoots a spy with his own gun
-The last spy falls to his death

Rescue: 6
-Ken breaks a guard’s neck
-Ken kicks a guard off a high platform to his death
-Parker shoots a guard
-Ken blows up 2 guards with a grenade
-Ken stabs a guard

Sabotage: 1
-Ken kills 1 sailor

Black Eagle Strikes: 3
-Ken shoots a guard with a crossbow
-Ken stabs 1 sailor
-Ken jumps onto another sailor and stabs him

The Father Returns: 2
-Badelia blows up 2 guards with a grenade

Andrei vs Ken: 1

-Ken kicks Andrei into the water, where he is dragged under the boat and sliced to death by the incoming propellor

The Ship Explodes: 4

-Ken detontes the explosives, blowing the ship up and killing 4 guys on board