BCB: Daredevil Season 1

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Daredevil Season 1 (2015) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

(Previously done by Eggimann)

[Character Kills]

Suicide Drug Runner (Vincent Veloso): 34
NYPD Officer Corbin (Angel Rosa): 6
Wilson Grant Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio/Cole Jensen): 4 (3 as D’Onofrio/1 as Jensen)
Leland Owlsley (Bob Gunton): 3
John Healy (Alex Mort): 2
NYPD Detective Christian Blake (Chris Tardio): 2
Stick (Scott Glenn): 2
ESU Sniper (Samuel Glen): 2
Matthew Michael “Matt” Murdock/The Masked Man/Daredevil (Charlie Cox): 1
Rance (Craig Henningsen): 1
Roscoe Sweeney (Kevin Nagle): 1
Vladimir Ranskahov (Nikolai Nikolaeff): 1
Junkie Jake (Michael Abbot Jr.): 1
Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll): 1
NYPD Detective Carl Hoffman (Daryl Edwards): 1
ESU Bravo-6 (Omar Torres): 1
Assault #1 (David Anthony Buglione): 1
TAC Agent #2 (Adam McNulty): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Episode 1 “Into The Ring”: 3

Apartment: 1
Daniel Fisher’s body is seen having been stabbed to death with a knife by Rance

House: 1
Clyde Farnum’s body is seen having been shot in the head by a hitman

Cell: 1
Rance’s body is seen having been hung with a sheet by a hitman

Episode 2 “Cut Man”: 1

Alley: 1
Jonathan “Jack” Murdock’s body is seen having been beaten and shot in the head by Sweeney and his men

Episode 3 “Rabbit In A Snowstorm”: 2

“This is how he negotiates, huh?!”: 1
Healy beats Prohaszka to death with a bowling ball

“You coward!”: 1
Healy impales himself through the eye on a metal spike

Episode 4 “In The Blood”: 3

“The guards shouldn’t have left him for the rats”: 1
Alexei’s body is seen having been beaten to death with nightsticks by Russian prison guards

Hospital: 1
Vladimir injects Semyon with an overdose of epinephrine killing him

“You embarrassed me in front of her!”: 1
Fisk slams Anatoly Ranskahov’s head in a car door multiple times decapitating him

Episode 5 “World On Fire”: 36

Alley: 1
One of Vladimir’s men unintentionally shoots one of Gao’s men in the head

“You really shouldn’t have said something”: 1
Blake shoots Piotr in the head offscreen

“We expecting another delivery from Gao?”: 34
The Suicide Drug Runner detonates a bomb blowing up himself and 33 of Vladimir’s men

Episode 6 “Condemned”: 6

Attempted Arrest: 1
Corbin shoots Sergei in the head

Tunnel: 1
Blake shoots Ivan in the head

Street: 2
The ESU Sniper snipes Officer Pinski in the head
The ESU Sniper snipes Police Officer #2 in the head

“Officer Sullivan is dead”: 1
ESU Bravo-6 stabs Officer Sullivan in the neck with a knife

Vladimir’s Last Stand: 1
Corrupt cops shoot Vladimir Ranskahov offscreen (Gunshots are heard)

Episode 7 “Stick”: 2

“They’re better off without you”: 1
Stick cuts Aito’s head off with a sword offscreen

Van: 1
Stick shoots Black Sky in the chest with an arrow offscreen (Death is confirmed)

Episode 8 “Shadows In The Glass”: 2

Hospital: 1
Hoffman injects Christian Blake with poison killing him

“He gets that shit from you”: 1
Young Wilson beats William “Bill” Fisk to death with a hammer

Episode 9 “Speak Of The Devil”: 2

Morgue: 1
Elena Cardenas’ body is seen stabbed to death with a knife by Junkie Jake

Warehouse Fight: 1
The Masked Man throws his billy club at a light fixture causing the sparks to light Nobu Yoshioka on fire burning him to death (Is revealed to have been resurrected in Season 2, Episode 9)

Episode 10 “Nelson v. Murdock”: 3

Fundraiser: 3
3 civilians drink champagne laced with poison by Leland poisoning them

Episode 11 “The Path Of The Righteous”: 1

“Miss Page…”: 1
Karen shoots James Wesley

Episode 12 “The Ones We Leave Behind”: 1

“I’m here to kill you!”: 1
Fisk strangles Benjamin “Ben” Urich to death with his bare hands

Episode 13 “Daredevil”: 15

“You hurt Vanessa!”: 1
Fisk throws Leland Owlsley down an elevator shaft to his death

Drug Den Raid: 5
Corbin shoots Thug #1 in the head
Corbin shoots a thug
Corbin and a corrupt cop shoot a thug on a balcony together (Shared)
Corbin and a corrupt cop shoot a thug together causing him to fall off a balcony to his death (Shared)
Corbin and a corrupt cop shoot one more thug together (Shared)

Bridge Ambush: 8
Assault #1 shoots an FBI agent in the head through a car window
A cop shoots Assault #1 with a shotgun
A cop shoots one of Fisk’s men
Fisk’s men shoot 2 cops
Fisk’s men shoot The Federal Bridge Agent
Fisk’s men shoot 2 FBI agents

“Son of a bitch!”: 1
TAC Agent #2 shoots TAC Agent #1 in the head

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

-Many beatdowns/knockouts but nothing fatal
-McClintock is mentioned to have been killed by one of Kingpin’s men offscreen
-Don Rigoletto and his wife are mentioned to have been chopped to pieces by an unknown assailant offscreen
-The Masked Man tackles Vladimir Ranksahov off a building and he dies from his wounds but he is revived seconds later
-Gahiji is mentioned to have been chopped to pieces by a Hutu militia commander offscreen
-Junkie Jake is mentioned to have jumped off a roof to his death offscreen
-Vanessa Marianna drinks champagne laced with poison by Leland but she survives

[The Final Tally= 77]