Back In Action (1994) Killcount And Body Count Breakdown

Back In Action (1994)

Starring Billy Blanks and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

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Blanks kills 12
Piper kills 9

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Back In Action (1993) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Billy (Billy Blanks): 14
Frank Rossi (Roddy Piper): 11
Chakka (Matt Birman): 3
Tara (Kal Soremekun): 2


Deal: 9
-Frank shoots 4 thugs
-Billy breaks a thug’s neck
-Chakka stabs Wallace to death
-Cops shoot 3 thugs

Motel: 1
-Chakka shoots one of his own men

Stunt: 1
-A thug crashes into some explosive barells, killing himself

Car Chase: 2
-Frank causes 2 thugs to crash their car, blowing them up and killing them

Apartment: 2
-Billy beats a guy to death
-Billy throws a thug out a window to his death

Street Fight: 1
-Billy breaks a thug’s neck by kicking it

Leaving One Alive: 2
-A thug shoots 2 other thugs

Chop Shop: 3
-Frank shoots 2 thugs
-Billy knocks a thug’s head into a car window, killing him

Betrayal: 1
-Chakka shoots Gantry

“Kiss My Ass”: 1
-Billy blows up 1 thug

Boat Finale: 14
-Billy shoots 4 thugs with dual-Uzis
-Billy shoots some explosive barrels, blowing up 3 thugs
-Frank shoots 2 thugs
-Tara shoots 2 thugs
-Frank stabs Chakka
-Billy shoots Kajasian