Assassination Games (2011) Killcount And Body Count Breakdown

Assassination Games (2011)

Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Scott Adkins

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Van Damme kills 11
Adkins kills 7

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Assassination Games (2011) Body Count Breakdown by Kain424


Vincent Brazil (Jean-Claude Van Damme): 11
Roland Flint (Scott Adkins): 9
Polo Yakur (Ivan Kaye): 2


Opening/Wedding Hit: 4
-Vincent slashes Ivan Borisovch’s throat with a broken wine glass
-Vincent throws a meat cleaver into a bodyguard’s head
-Vincent shoots another bodyguard with his own gun
-Vincent kills Sasha off-screen (body is shown)

Roland’s Flashback: 1
-Polo beats Anna Flint to death

Courthouse: 1
-Vincent kills Danzo Yakur with a crossbow

Street Chase: 1
-Roland karate chops a cop in the throat and slams him head-first into a nearby window sil, killing him

Warehouse Gates: 1
-Roland kicks a guard in the head, shattering his skull and killing him (the way he fell down and after he fell indicates that he is in fact dead)

Interrogation: 1
-Vincent shoots Bartok

Rescue: 5
-Vincent stabs Kabor in the back with 2 knives
-Vincent shoots Kovacs
-Vincent shoots a Russian
-Roland chokes Schell to death with his chain

House: 1
-Polo shoots Mrs. Pavlescu

Mansion: 5
-Roland shoots 1 Russian while diving
-Roland’s automatic sniper rifle shoots 3 Russians
-Vincent shoots 1 Russian

“She Can’t Hear You”: 1
-Roland kills Polo with his own knife

Final Payback: 2
-Vincent decapitates Godfrey with a katana
-Roland shoots Emil in the head


-Roland beats up/knocks out several people throughout the film but the hits didn’t look lethal enough to kill