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Arrow Season 2 (2013-2014) Body Count Breakdown by Red Genghis

[Character Kills]

ASIS Agent Slade Joseph Wilson/Deathstroke (Manu Bennett): 34
Barton Mathis/The Dollmaker (Michael Eklund): 10
Oliver Jonas “Ollie” Queen/The Arrow (Stephen Amell): 10
Dr. I. Vasak (Danny Dworkis): 6
Cyrus Gold/The Acolyte (Graham Shiels): 6
Helena Rosa Bertinelli/The Huntress (Jessica De Gouw): 6
Felicity Megan Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards): 5
Sara Lance/The Canary (Caity Lotz): 5
Chien Na Wei/China White (Kelly Hu): 4
US Army Sergeant John Thomas “Dig” Diggle/Freelancer (David Ramsey): 4
Anatoly Knyazev (David Nykl): 4
Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer (John Barrowman): 4
Jeff Deveau (Jason Griffith): 3
Alderman Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood (Kevin Alejandro/Unidentified Child Actor): 3 (2 as Alejandro/1 as a child)
Shado (Celina Jade): 3
Benjamin “Ben” Turner/Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White): 3
Floyd Lawton/Deadshot (Michael Rowe): 3
Ripped (Garfield Wilson): 3
SCPD Officer Quentin Larry Lance (Paul Blackthorne): 3
A.R.G.U.S. Agent Lyla Michaels (Audrey Marie Anderson): 3
Colton (Giacomo Baessato): 2
Dr. Anthony Ivo (Dylan Neal): 2
Roy William Harper, Jr. (Colton Haynes): 2
Baker (Douglas Chapman): 1
Xavier Reed/The Mayor (Clé Bennett): 1
US Army Sergeant Ezra Barnes (Ian Butcher): 1
Cecil Adams/Count Vertigo (Seth Gabel): 1
SCPD Detective Lucas Hilton (Roger Cross): 1
Assistant District Attorney Dinah Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy): 1
Bo Travis (Darcy Laurie): 1
Assassin (Shekhar Paleja): 1
Eddie Walczak (Curtis Caravaggio): 1
William Tockman/Clock King (Robert Knepper): 1
A.R.G.U.S. Director Amanda Blake Waller/Mockingbird (Cynthia Addai-Robinson): 1
US Army Colonel Ted Gaynor (Ben Browder): 1
SCPD SWAT Captain Stein (Lochlyn Munro): 1
Peter (Sean Rogerson): 1
Mirakuru Soldier (Kam Kozak): 1
Isabel Rochev/Ravager (Summer Glau): 1
Nyssa Al Ghul (Katrina Law): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Episode 1 “City of Heroes”: 8

“You swore to protect all the citizens of Starling, not just the wealthy”: 5
-Deveau shoots Mayor Altman
-Deveau shoots a cop
-Colton shoots a cop
-Deveau shoots a cop and he falls down a staircase (shared)
-Colton and Baker shoot the last cop (shared)

Hunting the Hoods: 1
-A newspaper photo of Deveau’s wife is shown, killed after the bridge she was crossing collapsed due to Malcolm’s earthquake machine during The Undertaking

Rescuing Shado: 2*
-Slade shoots one of Ivo’s men
-Oliver beats Pirate #3 to death with a rock

Episode 2 “Identity”: 10

“Take the truck. Leave nothing behind.”: 3
-Roy in a car drives straight towards one of China White’s men on his motorbike, forcing China White’s man to swerve and crash into some parked cars, sending him flying over both cars and killing him (shared)
-China White throws both her karambits into Truck Driver #1 and The Partner’s throats through their windshield

FEMA depot: 2
-China White’s men shoot a FEMA employee
-China White throws a karambit into Truck Driver #2’s throat

“If anybody gets in your way, mow them down”: 1
-A FEMA truck driver is seen dead, stabbed in the back with a karambit by China White

Finding the bunker: 4*
-4 skeletons of World War 2 Japanese soldiers are seen with deformed skulls from Mirakuru usage

Episode 3 “Broken Dolls”: 13

Back at the hideout: 1*
-A skeleton of a World War 2 Japanese soldier is seen with a deformed skull from Mirakuru usage (different shape skull from the previous episode)

Parking garage: 1
-The Dead Girl is seen, suffocated after having a flexible polymer poured down her throat by The Dollmaker

Meeting Arrow: 2
-2 women are seen dead in photographs, suffocated after having a flexible polymer poured down their throats by The Dollmaker six years earlier

Hunting The Dollmaker: 6
-The photos of the 6 remaining victims from six years earlier are shown, suffocated after having a flexible polymer poured down their throat by The Dollmaker

“It’s for the world to enjoy. After all… everyone loves a pretty doll.”: 1
-The Dollmaker pours the flexible polymer into the tubing connected to The Redhead Girl’s throat, suffocating her to death

“You’re going back to prison” “No. He’s not.”: 1
-The Canary throws one of her batons into Barton Mathis / The Dollmaker’s chest

“Fine. Don’t tell them anything.”: 1
-The Canary forces The Dark Archer to stab himself in the chest with his own knife (shared)

Episode 4 “Crucible”: 12

“Now, let’s hope you do your family prouder than he did”: 1
-The Mayor shoots The Lieutenant for his failure

“And neither do you. Not anymore.”: 8
-2 cops and a civilian are seen dead, shot by The Mayor’s men
-The Mayor’s men shoot 2 civilians
-The Mayor’s men shoot 2 cops
-Another cop is seen dead, shot by The Mayor’s men

“They’re with me. He wasn’t.”: 2
-An honest US Marine is seen dead, killed by Barnes
-The Canary shoots Ezra Barnes in the back with an arrow

“Are you ready to serve?”: 1
-Dr. Vasak injects Xavier Reed / The Mayor with the Mirakuru serum, causing his body to reject it and suffer a painful death that includes blood from the eyes

Episode 5 “League Of Assassins”: 2

“What are you without your sidearm?” “A guy with a spare” / “There’s only one freedom. Let me grant you yours.”: 2
-Quentin shoots The Dark Archer Stick with his backup weapon
-Sara breaks Al-Owal’s neck

Episode 6 “Keep Your Enemies Closer”: 8

“You weren’t gonna leave without me, were you?”: 1
-Lawton throws an icicle into Sergei Pavelski’s back

Gulag escape: 7
-Felicity’s timed explosive brooch on the coat detonates, blowing up The Burly Guard and 3 other gulag guards
-Another gulag guard is seen dead in a corridor, killed by Felicity’s brooch explosive
-Diggle shoots The Guard and another gulag guard

Episode 7 “State v. Queen”: 14

Six months earlier: 1
-Albie is seen dead, smashed on the head by a falling rock from the crumbling ceiling, caused by Malcolm’s earthquake machine during The Undertaking

“You should know I find post hoc negotiation distasteful”: 1
-Count Vertigo injects The Pharmacist in the arm with a double syringe of pure Vertigo, killing him

Looking for the bunker: 2*
-2 skeletons of World War 2 Japanese soldiers are seen with deformed skulls from Mirakuru usage

“They’re following us” “We know”: 3*
-Slade shoots one of Ivo’s men
-Shado throws down a timed explosive on the ground behind her, blowing up 2 of Ivo’s men

Office showdown: 1
-Oliver shoots Cecil Adams / Count Vertigo with several arrows and he falls out of a skyscraper window to his death, landing on a taxi below

“I gotta say, you’ve done a fairly lousy job of that” / “Congratulations. You’re the new captain.”: 1*
-Ivo finishes off The Captain with a shot to the head with his own gun

A successful test subject: 4
-4 people are seen dead, killed after being injected with the Mirakuru serum by Dr. Vasak and their bodies reject it

“Hello, Moira”: 1
-Malcolm shoots The Asian Driver with an arrow

Episode 8 “The Scientist”: 4

Warehouse break-in: 2
-Cyrus punches Guard #1 in the chest and he goes flying into some barrels, killing him (the Mirakuru gives people super-strength and super-durability)
-Cyrus grabs the other security guard by the throat and crushes it with one hand, before bashing his head into a metal container and throwing him across the room

Crime scene: 1
-Maxwell Stanton is seen dead, killed after being injected with the Mirakuru serum by Dr. Vasak and his body rejects it

Submarine: 1*
-Slade Wilson dies after having been injected in the leg with the Mirakuru serum by Oliver, causing him to bleed from the eyeballs and stop his heart (he resurrects in the next episode with enhanced abilities due to the Mirakuru)

Episode 9 “Three Ghosts”: 11

“I guess you made your choice”: 1*
-Ivo shoots Shado in the back of the head

Workshop massacre: 4
-Cyrus throws a circular saw blade into SWAT Officer McCarthy’s back
-Cyrus pushes Officer Jones to the side into a pile of cardboard boxes, killing her (confirmed that only Quentin and Daily survived)
-Cyrus throws SWAT Officer Evans across the room, killing him
-Cyrus forces Detective Lucas Hilton to shoot himself in the chin (shared)

“No, Brother Roy, you’ll kill for me” / “Another failure”: 3
-Brother Blood injects Roy Harper in the shoulder with the Mirakuru serum, causing him to bleed from the eyeballs and stop his heart (he resurrects shortly afterwards with enhanced abilities due to the Mirakuru)
-The Arrow blows up the centrifuge with an explosive arrow, causing Cyrus Gold / The Acolyte to be sprayed with large amounts of Mirakuru, burning off half of his face, before being crushed by the collapsing ceiling caused by the centrifuge’s destruction
-Falling rubble from the ceiling crushes Dr. I. Vasak, caused by The Arrow blowing up the centrifuge with an explosive arrow

“Shado!”: 3*
-Slade grabs one of Ivo’s men and throws him back-first into a tree, killing him (he now has the Mirakuru super strength)
-Slade kicks one of Ivo’s men across the clearing, killing him
-Slade punches his fist into The Pirate’s chest, killing him

Episode 11 “Blind Spot”: 6

“Los dios están muertos / The gods are dead”: 1
-Brother Blood scares Maya Resik while wearing his skull mask, causing her to suffer a heart attack off-screen

“I knew how to cover my tracks”: 1
-A photo of Sebastian Sangre is shown in the case file, shot in the heart with his own gun by Blood when he was a child

Factory rescue: 1
-Laurel shoots Officer Daily / The Masked Man several times in the back and chest with his own gun

“Your incompetence has now cost four lives, alderman. Fail me again and yours will be the fifth.”: 3
-Deathstroke cuts one of Blood’s bodyguards across the chest with his katana
-Deathstroke slashes a bodyguard’s throat with a dagger
-Deathstroke cuts the last bodyguard across the chest with his katana

Episode 12 “Tremors”: 3

“This way, he’s set. I do this, he gets the money.” / “What the hell did you do to him?” “I didn’t do anything”: 2
-Bo Travis pulls the disassembled brass knuckles and blades out of his arm, leg and chest, where they were implanted inside, causing him to bleed to death off-screen
-Turner slits The Prison Guard’s throat with his claw gauntlet

A new lead: 1
-An architect is seen dead under a cloth in a crime scene photo, stabbed several times by Bronze Tiger with his claw gauntlet

Episode 13 “Heir To The Demon”: 1

“What the hell is he saying?” “He’s praying”: 1
-The Assassin drinks from a vial of poison, killing himself

Episode 14 “Time Of Death”: 3

Kord Enterprises robbery: 1
-Walczak shoots a security guard who stumbles on to him

“The dead are owed nothing”: 1
-Tockman stabs Eddie Walczak several times in the stomach with a large minute hand

Crash site: 1*
-Sin’s Father is seen dead, bled out from his injuries after his plane was shot down by Ivo’s men and crashed into the forest

Episode 15 “The Promise”: 26

“Why didn’t you choose me?”: 1+
-Shado stabs Oliver Queen several times in the chest with a knife

Battle of the freighter / “This one time, you can pray for me” / “I am this ship’s captain” “Not anymore”: 25*
-2 of Ivo’s men are seen dead, killed by Slade
-Slade throws one of Ivo’s men into a set of metal pipes, killing him
-Slade cuts down 2 of Ivo’s men with his sword
-Slade throws one of Ivo’s men to the floor and kills him off-screen (he is killing everyone in this scene as he wants revenge)
-One of Ivo’s men shoots 2 escaping prisoners in the back and they fall down a staircase
-Slade shoots one of Ivo’s men guarding the bridge off-screen (a quick burst of gunfire and a death scream is heard; Oliver only has a bow)
-Slade backhands Oliver onto the lever controlling the freighter’s speed then kicks him into the wheel, causing the freighter to run into shallow water and run aground, causing the steam valves to explode and setting off a series of explosions that blow up 6 of Ivo’s men and an escaped prisoner
-Anatoly shoots 3 of Ivo’s men
-Oliver shoots one of Ivo’s men with an arrow (another is shot, but is seen alive and crawling for cover after)
-A final exploding steam valve blows up 4 of Ivo’s men (Slade’s kills)
-Slade squeezes The Butcher’s head with his bare hands, crushing his skull

Episode 16 “Suicide Squad”: 40

Briefing: 32
-32 Qurac civilians are seen dead, killed by the Hydroxy-Cyclosarin nerve agent released by Qadir’s men as a test

Afghanistan ambush, six years ago: 1*
-A US Marine is seen dead, shot off-screen by the Taliban

“Shrapnel just fouled out of the game”: 1
-Waller detonates the explosive implanted in Mark Scheffer / Shrapnel’s head, causing his head to explode off-screen and his car to crash (it cuts away before the explosion but the sound of the crash is heard over Diggle’s earpiece)

“He’s just a kid”: 2*
-Gaynor shoots a Taliban insurgent
-Diggle shoots the last Taliban insurgent

Office: 1
-Alexi Leonov is seen dead, stabbed in the eye with an arrow by Slade

“Good timing” “I got tired of waiting for my invitation” / “That’s two you owe me, junior”: 3
-Bronze Tiger stabs Gholem Qadir in the back with his claw gauntlet
-Deadshot shoots 2 of Qadir’s men with his wrist gun

Episode 17 “Birds Of Prey”: 13

Chop shop raid: 2
-Quentin shoots one of Mannheim’s men
-The Canary throws Hugo Mannheim through a third-floor window to his death

Tracking Helena: 3
-3 mobsters are seen dead in photos, tortured and shot with a crossbow by The Huntress

“Sorry I’m late, but you’re a hard man to track down” / “Be prepared for anything”: 7
-The Huntress shoots the 2 US Marshals escorting Frank with her crossbows
-The Huntress shoots a SWAT officer with her crossbow
-One of The Huntress’ men shoots a SWAT officer
-Another SWAT officer shoots 2 of The Huntress’ men
-One of The Huntress’ men shoots a SWAT officer

“You are not above the law!”: 1
-Frank Bertinelli is seen dead, shot during the crossfire by Stein when he starts firing at everyone

Episode 18 “Deathstroke”: 3

“I have a proposal for you men”: 3
-Deathstroke throws his katana into The Guard’s chest
-Deathstroke shoots the prison bus driver in the head
-Deathstroke shoots the remaining prison guard

Episode 19 “The Man Under The Hood”: 3

S.T.A.R. Labs warehouse robbery: 1
-A security guard drops dead with a knife in his back, courtesy of Deathstroke

Saving Roy: 1
-Diggle shoots Isabel Rochev (she is resurrected after being given a transfusion of Slade’s Mirakuru-infused blood, despite Mirakuru not being able to revive the dead)

“Once you take a life… it changes you forever. And I don’t want that for you.”: 1*
-Oliver shoots Dr. Anthony Ivo

Episode 20 “Seeing Red”: 2

Failed arrest: 1
-Roy stabs SCPD Officer #1 in the chest with an arrow

“You possess true courage. I’m truly sorry… you did not pass that on to your son.”: 1
-Slade impales Moira Queen through the chest with his katana

Episode 21 “City Of Blood”: 3

Sacrifice: 1*
-Anatoly launches the submarine’s suicide torpedo and Peter steers it into the sediment holding the submarine, blowing up Peter (shared)

“It’s, uh, 9:00” “Thanks”: 2
-Ripped breaks CSU Kelton’s neck
-Ripped elbows a cop backwards across the room, killing him (he is infused with the Mirakuru)

Episode 22 “Streets of Fire”: 27

“Get down! Get down!”: 2
-Ripped punches a cop into a wall, killing him
-Quentin secretly drops a trio of grenades at Ripped’s feet, blowing him up

Train station attack: 2
-One of Slade’s Mirakuru soldiers punches a cop repeatedly on the ground, killing him
-One of Slade’s Mirakuru soldiers shoulder-barges into a cop, sending him flying and killing him

“I don’t take orders from you”: 16
-One of Slade’s Mirakuru soldiers kills Staffer #1, Staffer #2, 10 more of Blood’s staff and 2 cops off-screen (they were seen in the room earlier in the episode and all confirmed dead; their screams are heard from the other room)
-One of Slade’s Mirakuru soldiers throws the last one of Blood’s staff through a set of double doors, killing him
-One of Slade’s Mirakuru soldiers breaks District Attorney Kate Spencer’s neck

Ambush: 2
-The Arrow fires an explosive arrow at the van’s doors that goes off when the door opens up, blowing up 2 of Slade’s Mirakuru soldiers

Train station platform: 1
-A cop is seen dead, killed by one of Slade’s Mirakuru soldiers

Alley: 1
-A cop is seen dead, killed after crashing his car into a dumpster, sending him through the windshield

Bridge: 1
-The Mirakuru Soldier kills The Driver off-screen (his screams are heard over Felicity’s phone and his body is seen when the team arrives on the scene)

“You’re out of arrows” “You’re not”: 1
-Malcolm stabs one of Slade’s Mirakuru soldiers in the back of the neck with an arrow that he previously shot into his back

“Goodbye, Mr. Blood”: 1
-Isabel impales Mayor Sebastian Blood through the chest with both of her swords

Episode 23 “Unthinkable”: 25

Clocktower rescue: 3
-Lyla blows up the clocktower with a rocket launcher, killing 3 of Slade’s Mirakuru soldiers

City warzone: 1
-A cop is heard being killed by Slade’s Mirakuru soldiers over the police radio (his screams as he is attacked are heard)

“Your reticence to do what is necessary… is why your city burns”: 1
-Nyssa breaks Isabel Rochev / Ravager’s neck

“Another disappointment. Bring me another.”: 1*
-A prisoner is seen dead, died after being injected with the Mirakuru serum by Slade and their body rejects it

Police station assault: 3
-A cop and a detective are seen dead, killed off-screen by one of Slade’s Mirakuru soldiers
-One of Slade’s Mirakuru soldiers punches a cop hard in the face, killing him

Tunnel massacre: 15
-Sergeant Gomez and 14 other A.R.G.U.S. agents disguised as soldiers are seen dead, killed by Slade’s Mirakuru soldiers

Fighting Slade: 1*
-Oliver stabs one of Slade’s men in the stomach with an arrow

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

*Kills seen during flashbacks to the island and Diggle’s history.
+Kill seen during a nightmare Oliver is having during the flashbacks.
-No kills in episode 10 “Blast Radius”.
-Many, many beatings and knockouts throughout the season, but nothing lethal.
-Many, many people are shot with arrows throughout the season, but it’s repeatedly stated that Oliver doesn’t kill now in the present day and only shoots non-lethal, unless the kill is otherwise listed.
-In episode 1, Slade breaks a pheasant’s neck with one hand in a flashback.
-In episode 1, it’s said that a total of 503 people died during Malcolm’s The Undertaking in the season 1 finale.
-In episode 1, Colton mentions that his sister was one of Malcolm’s victims during The Undertaking, and Aglin mentions that his wife was crushed under rubble when their house collapsed.
-In episode 1, Slade pistol-whips one of Ivo’s men across the face, and dialogue in episode 2 says that they killed all the men, but dialogue in episode 4 says they only killed 2 men, so I counted the dialogue from episode 4.
-In episode 3, Felicity mentions that The Dollmaker shot a cop while fleeing after kidnapping Quentin.
-In episode 5, Sara tells the story of how she slit the throat of a diplomat In Guyana named Suarez in his bed.
-In episode 8, Barry tells the story of how his mother was murdered when he was eleven by a blur, revealed in The Flash to be the Reverse-Flash.
-In episode 9, Oliver temporarily flatlines after ending up being injected with two syringes of blood coagulant during his fight with Cyrus in the previous episode, but he is saved after Barry injects him with rat poison to thin his blood again.
-In episode 9, Quentin says that Cyrus “killed all those people”, meaning that Cyrus killed more people off-screen than what is shown, probably during the blood bank robbery.
-In episode 10, Shrapnel detonates a bomb inside a building, blowing up an unseen cleaning crew and several bankers inside.
-In episode 11, Richard / Starling Slasher is mentioned to be responsible for slicing up several prostitutes, before he is beaten to near death by a Mirakuru-enhanced Roy after he loses control.
-In episode 12, it’s mentioned that Bronze Tiger killed 10 prison guards during his escape, meaning he killed 9 more off-screen.
-In episode 12, Roy tells Bodyguard #1 that 8 of his friends died during Malcolm’s Undertaking, before beating him nearly to death before being stopped by The Arrow.
-In episode 14, Sin’s Father mentions in a flashback that Sin’s mother died of cancer when she was a baby.
-In episode 16, Waller mentions that Slade has become a mercenary killing people from Macau to Istanbul to Lisbon.
-In episode 17, Slade mentions in a flashback that he decapitated the freighter’s engineer during the battle for the freighter.
-In episode 17, Helena mentions that Frank had Jimmy D’Agostino killed and buried under the building next door to the prisoner exchange.
-In episode 19, Caitlin mentions that the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploding in episode 9 killed an unknown number of people.
-In episode 22, Lieutenant Pike mentions that the chief of police has been killed by Slade’s Mirakuru soldiers.
-In a deleted scene for episode 23, Oliver imagines shooting Slade Wilson with his own gun while imagining if he had managed to rescue Moira instead.

[The Final Tally= 237]