Arrow Season 1 Body Count Breakdown

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Arrow Season 1 (2012-2013) Body Count Breakdown by Red Genghis

[Character Kills]

Oliver Jonas “Ollie” Queen/The Hood/The Vigilante (Stephen Amell): 84
ASIS Agent Slade Joseph Wilson (Manu Bennett): 37
Helena Rosa Bertinelli/Huntress (Jessica De Gouw): 18
Malcolm Merlyn/Arthur King/Dark Archer (John Barrowman): 18
Floyd Lawton/Deadshot (Michael Rowe): 11
Mr. Blank (J. August Richards): 7
Chien Na Wei/China White (Kelly Hu): 5
John Thomas “Dig” Diggle (David Ramsey): 5
Garfield Lynns (Andrew Dunbar): 4
Don Frank Bertinelli (Jeffrey Nordling): 3
Frank Chen (Chin Han): 2
Gunman #2 (James Bamford): 2
Robert Alan Queen (Jamey Sheridan): 2
SCPD Major Crimes Detective Sergeant Quentin Larry Lance (Paul Blackthorne): 2
SCPD Vice/Major Crimes Detective McKenna Hall (Janina Gavankar): 2
Joseph Falk/Savior (Christopher Redman): 2
Shado (Celina Jade): 2
Ankov (Glenn Ennis): 1
Derek Reston/King (Currie Graham): 1
Bank Guard (Dalias Blake): 1
Cavanaugh (Jaeson Lee): 1
Paul Knox (Colin Lawrence): 1
Daniel “Danny” Brickwell/Brick (Vinnie Jones): 1
Street Dealer (Patrick Sabongui): 1
Bill “Billy” Wintergreen (Jeffrey C. Robinson): 1
Cyrus Vanch (David Anders): 1
Winnick Norton/The Dodger (James Callis): 1
Tattooed Man (Darryl Quon): 1
Yao Fei Gulong (Byron Mann): 1
Junkie (Nelson Leis): 1
Edward Fyers (Sebastian Dunn): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Episode 1 “Pilot”: 13

Birth of a hero: 2*
-The Queen’s Gambit sinks after being sabotaged with explosives off-screen by Chen, drowning at least 2 people piloting the yacht (he’s revealed as the bomber in episode 21)

Kidnapping: 1
-Gunman #2 shoots a civilian who stumbles onto Oliver and Tommy’s kidnapping

“Not anymore” / “Nobody can know my secret”: 3
-Oliver stabs Mask in the chest with a piece from a broken chair back
-Oliver uses one of Moira’s men as a human shield and Gunman #2 shoots him (shared)
-Oliver breaks Gunman #2’s neck after a short chase

“You missed!” “Really?”: 5
-The Hood shoots one of Hunt’s men with an arrow
-The Hood kicks one of Hunt’s men through a glass door into the line of fire and another of Hunt’s men shoots him after mistaking him for The Hood (shared)
-The Hood shoots one of Hunt’s men who shot his friend with an arrow
-The Hood punches one of Hunt’s men in the throat, crushing his windpipe and killing him
-The Hood throws a flechette into Mr. Drakon’s chest

“Survive”: 2*
-Robert shoots David “Dave” Hackett in the head
-Robert Alan Queen shoots himself in the head

Episode 2 “Honor Thy Father”: 13

Rooftop opening: 2
-The Hood shoots one of Redmond’s men with an arrow
-The Hood shoots another of Redmond’s men in the stomach with an arrow then punches him out, leaving him to bleed out off-screen

Killing for Somers: 1
-China White slits Victor Nocenti’s throat with a karambit knife

Office warning: 3
-The Hood shoots Somers’ lawyer and 2 of his men off-screen with arrows while the lights are out (the arrow shots are heard and the bodies are seen when the lights come back on)

“This is why it’s a good idea to have a bodyguard”: 2
-Diggle shoots a Triad in the back
-Diggle shoots another Triad

Port shootout: 5
-The Hood shoots 4 of Somers’ men with arrows
-The Hood shoots the last one of Somers’ men with an arrow and he falls off the machinery to his death

Episode 3 “Lone Gunmen”: 5

Penthouse: 1
-Deadshot snipes James Holder and he falls into his swimming pool

“All clear”: 1
-The SWAT sniper is seen dead, killed by Deadshot

Auction attack: 3
-Deadshot accidentally snipes a waiter in the back after Quentin tackles Walter out of his line of fire
-Deadshot snipes an auction bidder in the shoulder with his poisoned bullets, causing him to die from the poison or blood loss (his body is seen motionless in another shot)
-Deadshot snipes another auction bidder in the back

Episode 4 “An Innocent Man”: 5

News report: 1
-A photo of Camille Declan is shown, stabbed with a kitchen knife by Ankov

Prison riot: 4
-A group of inmates beat a prison guard to death
-A prison guard is seen dead, killed by the inmates
-The Hood shoots an inmate with an arrow
-Another prison guard is seen dead, killed by the inmates

Episode 5 “Damaged”: 3

Assassination attempt: 1
-Quentin shoots The Butler / Assassin in the back as he’s about to shoot Oliver

“Leo Mueller, you have failed this city”: 2
-The Hood shoots one of the gun buyer’s men with an arrow
-The Hood shoots Leo Mueller with an arrow off-screen (the screen cuts to the title credits and then Mueller’s scream and the bow string are heard)

Episode 6 “Legacies”: 1

Final robbery: 1
-Derek Reston / King bleeds out after jumping in front of Kyle as a human shield and being shot in the stomach with a shotgun by The Bank Guard (shared; reverse human shield)

Episode 7 “Muse Of Fire”: 12

Opening attack: 1
-Helena shoots Paul Copani in a drive-by

Warehouse: 7
-7 photos of Frank’s lieutenants and enforcers, including John Madera and Christian Nero, are shown crossed out, at least 2 of which were killed by Helena (later dialogue says that she murdered three people)

Restaurant fight: 1
-Helena shoots one of Frank’s men in the leg and he bleeds to death off-screen (confirmed in dialogue)

“It’ll be worth it” / “I didn’t have a choice, Oliver”: 3
-Oliver uses one of Frank’s men as a human shield and another of Frank’s men shoots him (shared)
-Oliver breaks the other one of Frank’s men’s neck
-Helena punches Nick Salvati in the face while holding him by the throat, breaking his neck

Episode 8 “Vendetta”: 14

“I don’t speak Chinese. So I’m just gonna assume you said goodbye.” / “Tell your mistress Frank Bertinelli sends his regards”: 3
-Huntress shoots 2 Triads
-Huntress shoots Zhishan with dual pistols

“Leave no one alive”: 11
-China White stabs Ricco in the neck with one of her karambits and slits his throat with the other
-A Triad grabs one of Frank’s men in a chokehold and another stabs him in the chest with a knife
-A Triad strangles Bertinelli’s Thug with a garrotte
-The Hood shoots a Triad with an arrow
-China White slashes one of Frank’s men across the chest and stomach with her karambits
-China White slashes one of Frank’s men across the stomach before stabbing him in the stomach with both karambits
-China White stabs one of Frank’s men twice in the neck with a karambit after jumping on him
-The Hood shoots a Triad with an arrow
-Frank shoots 3 Triads

Episode 9 “Year’s End”: 2

Apartment: 1
-Dark Archer shoots Adam Hunt with several arrows

Alley: 1
-Dark Archer shoots Nelson Ravich through the back with an arrow

Episode 10 “Burned”: 9

Plant fire: 1
-Garfield sprays Danny de la Vega with turpentine, causing the heat of the environment to ignite the turpentine and burn Danny alive

Stagg Chemical fire: 1
-Garfield knocks SCFD Lieutenant Dave Ellet over a walkway railing with the handle of his axe before dropping him into the inferno below

Woods fight: 1*
-Oliver pushes The Beta Unit Soldier backwards and they both fall down a large slope, causing The Soldier to land on a rock at the bottom, breaking his back on it and killing him

Fire station house: 1
-A photograph of Leo Barnes is shown, sprayed with turpentine by Garfield and then burnt alive after the heat of the fiery environment he was in ignited the turpentine

Investigation: 4
-Photographs of 4 firemen are shown, killed during the Nodell Tower fire two years earlier, when a gas line erupted and ignited the building, melting the building’s supports and causing it to collapse

“Thanks. But I’m already burned.”: 1
-Garfield Lynns puts his arm inside one of the fires he started with his homemade incendiary grenades, setting himself alight and burning him to death

Episode 11 “Trust But Verify”: 7

Armored truck robbery: 2
-Cavanaugh shoots The Driver
-Knox shoots The Rookie

Stopping the heist: 1
-The Hood shoots Blake in the neck with an arrow and he bleeds out off-screen (confirmed in dialogue)

“I’m the one with the grenade launcher”: 3
-Diggle fires the tear gas launcher at the ground near Gaynor’s team, blowing up Cavanaugh in the impact explosion (he is seen motionless on the ground and is the only one who doesn’t get back up)
-The Hood breaks Paul Knox’s neck
-The Hood shoots Ted Gaynor with an arrow

Malcolm’s lair: 1
-A photo of Rebecca Merlyn is shown, shot in the head and bled out during a mugging by Brick 20 years earlier

Episode 12 “Vertigo”: 4

“But examples must be made”: 1
-The Street Dealer shoots himself in the head after having been injected with pure vertigo by The Count, causing his pain receptors to flare up and make a false sense of pain

“Well, I admit that bout was particularly one-sided”: 1*
-Wintergreen flips a prisoner into the air then slashes him with his sword in mid-air

Drug bust: 1
-McKenna shoots one of The Count’s men leaning out of the fleeing SUV

“I am providing a public service” “So am I”: 1
-The Hood throws a flechette into one of The Count’s men’s throat

Episode 13 “Betrayal”: 19

“And you got a nice place here. What do you say?”: 1
-Cyrus stabs George Wolfman in the stomach with a knife

Mansion infiltration: 4
-The Hood shoots 3 of Cyrus’ men with arrows
-The Hood shoots another of Cyrus’ men in the back with an arrow

Rescuing Laurel: 14
-The Hood shoots 3 of Cyrus’ men with arrows
-2 more of Cyrus’ men are seen dead, shot with arrows by The Hood (different part of the mansion)
-The Hood shoots another one of Cyrus’ men with an arrow
-The Hood shoots the 2 snipers on the roof with arrows
-The Hood shoots 4 of Cyrus’ men with arrows (one of them standing off-screen but the impact is heard)
-The Hood stabs one of Cyrus’ men in the neck with a flechette
-Quentin shoots the last one of Cyrus’ men

Episode 14 “The Odyssey”: 26

“When they killed you”: 1+
-Oliver Queen is seen dead, shot in the head by one of Fyers’ men

Forest encounter: 3*
-Slade cuts down The Landmine Soldier with his sword
-Slade cuts down one of Fyers’ men with his sword
-Slade slashes one of Fyers’ men’s throat with his sword then slashes his stomach

Airfield infiltration: 11*
-Slade snipes one of Fyers’ men in the head
-Slade snipes 3 more of Fyers’ men
-Slade snipes one of Fyers’ men and he falls down a metal staircase
-Slade snipes another of Fyers’ men
-Slade slashes one of Fyers’ men across the back of the neck with his sword
-Slade slashes one of Fyers’ men down his back with his sword
-Slade stabs one of Fyers’ men in the back with his sword
-Slade slashes open one of Fyers’ men’s legs with his sword and leaves him to bleed out
-Slade slashes out the last one of Fyers’ men’s legs from under him then stabs him in the back with his sword

“One job to do and you manage to screw up even that”: 1*
-Slade impales Fyers’ man in the air traffic control tower through the back with his sword

“Well, Billy… you always had a good kick”: 10*
-Slade snipes 3 of Fyers’ men
-Slade sets off a series of explosions, blowing up 6 of Fyers’ men
-Slade stabs Bill “Billy” Wintergreen in the eye with his sword off-screen (the stab is heard and then the body is seen after)

Episode 15 “Dodger”: 2

“What about you, indeed”: 1
-The Dodger shoots Cass Derenick in the head

Warehouse fence bust: 1
-McKenna shoots one of Abbott’s men

Episode 16 “Dead To Rights”: 10

“You’ve built quite the reputation” “And you should’ve stayed overseas”: 1
-The Hood stabs Guillermo “Brutale” Barrera in the chest with an arrow

Setting up at the award ceremony: 4
-4 waiters are seen dead, killed by the Triads (at least one for The Tattooed Man)

“You killed him” “As surely as he would have killed you”: 5
-A Triad disguised as a waiter stabs one of Malcolm’s bodyguards in the back
-Another Triad disguised as a waiter stabs the other one of Malcolm’s bodyguards in the back of the neck with a knife
-The Hood shoots a Triad disguised as a waiter with an arrow
-Malcolm chops The Tattooed Man in the throat, crushing his windpipe and killing him
-Malcolm shoots a Triad disguised as a waiter in the back of the head with his own gun

Episode 17 “The Huntress Returns”: 16

“Please. You have to believe me.” “I do”: 1
-Helena shoots Gus Sabatoni with her crossbow off-screen (his body is seen when The Bouncer enters the room; a surveillance recording of his death is seen later)

“You killed a few of my friends, son of a bitch” “And I’m gonna kill a few more”: 6*
-Slade shoots Soldier #1 and Soldier #2 with dual pistols
-Slade shoots 4 more of Fyers’ men with dual pistols

Safehouse attack: 9
-A US Marshal is seen dead outside, shot in the chest with a crossbow by Huntress
-Huntress shoots a US Marshal in the chest and back with a crossbow
-Huntress shoots a US Marshal in the neck with a crossbow inside
-Huntress shoots 5 more US Marshals with a crossbow
-Another US Marshal is seen dead outside the front door as McKenna arrives, shot in the chest with a crossbow by Huntress

Episode 18 “Salvation”: 7

“John… I find you guilty” / “There are plenty more people who need to answer for their crimes against us. So who’s next?”: 1
-Savior shoots John Nickel on the live stream

“I sentence you to death”: 1
-Savior shoots Assistant District Attorney Gavin Carnahan

“Well, that was unexpected”: 3*
-Slade shoots 2 of Fyers’ men with dual pistols
-Yao Fei strangles one of Fyers’ men to death with his legs

Rescuing Roy: 1
-The Hood shoots Joseph Falk / Savior through the back with an arrow as he tries to shoot Roy

“Mr. Merlyn thanks you for your loyalty. You’ve done well.”: 1
-Dark Archer shoots Frank Chen through the back with two arrows

Episode 19 “Unfinished Business”: 6

Opening: 1
-Veronica Sparks is run over by a car after standing in the road while high on Vertigo

Apartment: 1
-A newspaper photo of Senator Patterson is shown, sniped by Deadshot

Docks shootout: 1
-The Hood blows up a car with an explosive arrow, killing one of Dr. Webb’s men

Aquarium: 1
-The Junkie dies from an allergic reaction to chlorpromazine after taking several Vertigo pills containing it

“Clear”: 2
-Diggle uses a defibrillator on The Orderly’s head, electrifying his brain and killing him (confirmed in dialogue)
-Oliver shoots Dr. Webb with an arrow

Episode 20 “Home Invasion”: 14

Berlin embassy: 1
-Deadshot snipes The US Ambassador through a window

“You can really feel the love” / “Sorry about the mess. This works better if it looks like a break-in.”: 2
-Mr. Blank shoots Eric Moore through his briefcase
-Mr. Blank shoots Nancy Moore

Ambushing the ambushers: 4
-Deadshot snipes an ARGUS agent disguised as a civilian
-Deadshot snipes an ARGUS agent disguised as a security guard
-Deadshot snipes an ARGUS agent disguised as a janitor
-Another ARGUS agent disguised as a janitor is seen dead, sniped by Deadshot

“I wish I could, but he’s seen my face. Just like you.”: 2
-Mr. Blank uses a pressure point technique on Edward Rasmus’ forearm, creating an embolism that forms in his veins and travels to his heart as an air pocket, causing him to suffer a fatal heart attack
-A member of The List is seen dead in the morgue, shot with an arrow by The Hood

“What happened to you on that island?” “Let’s go. You’re about to find out.”: 5
-Mr. Blank shoots The Courier through the back and into Mr. Robbins, killing them both
-Mr. Blank shoots one of the Queens’ bodyguards
-Mr. Blank finishes off another of the Queens’ bodyguards with a bullet to the chest
-Oliver slashes one of Mr. Blank’s legs with a fire poker then impales him through the chest with it

Episode 21 “The Undertaking”: 16

“I heard you never miss” “I don’t”: 8
-An armed croupier shoots one of Dominic’s men while firing at The Hood
-An armed croupier accidentally shoots a civilian in the background while firing at The Hood
-The Hood shoots an armed croupier with an arrow
-Another civilian is seen dead behind The Hood, shot by Dominic’s men in the crossfire
-The Hood shoots one of Dominic’s men with an arrow
-Dominic’s men accidentally shoot the bartender in the crossfire
-The Hood shoots another of Dominic’s men with an arrow
-An armed croupier is seen dead, shot with an arrow by The Hood

Rescuing Walter: 8
-The Hood kicks one of Malcolm’s men off of a staircase and down the center of the tenement building to his death
-The Hood forces one of Malcolm’s men to stab himself in the side with his own knife (shared)
-The Hood shoots 5 of Malcolm’s men with arrows
-The Hood smashes one of Malcolm’s men’s head into a light then twice into a wall, killing him (blood is seen on the wall after both hits)

Episode 22 “Darkness On The Edge Of Town”: 10

“He knows, Dr. Markov, and he thanks you for your service”: 9
-2 scientists are seen dead, shot with arrows by Dark Archer
-Dark Archer shoots Dr. Brion Markov with an arrow
-Another scientist is seen dead, shot with an arrow by Dark Archer
-Dark Archer shoots a security guard with an arrow
-Dark Archer shoots the servers with an EMP arrow, causing them to explode and blow up The Security Guard and another security guard (only one is seen killed, but a third guard was seen and a news report confirms there were no survivors)
-Dark Archer shoots The Male Scientist and The Female Scientist with arrows off-screen (their bodies are seen later)

“Thank you”: 1*
-Fyers shoots Yao Fei Gulong in the head

Episode 23 “Sacrifice”: 29

Escaping confinement: 1*
-Shado breaks Alan Durand’s neck

“I take back every joke about you sticking a tracking device in your boot”: 3
-Oliver breaks one of Malcolm’s men’s neck
-Oliver breaks another of Malcolm’s men’s necks with his wrist chains
-Diggle shoots the last one of Malcolm’s men in the back as he’s about to shoot Oliver

Stopping the missile: 18*
-Slade shoots 3 of Fyers’ men
-Shado shoots Fyers’ man driving the missile launcher in the back
-Slade shoots another of Fyers’ men
-Oliver switches the targeting chips inside the missile launcher, changing the target of the missile one of Fyers’ men launched back into the camp, blowing up 9 of Fyers’ men seen still inside the camp and 4 more who were knocked unconscious (shared)

Office arrest gone wrong: 2
-Malcolm cuts down 2 SWAT officers with his sword

Office aftermath: 1
-The ESU Officer is seen dead, stabbed or shot with an arrow off-screen by Malcolm

“Are you prepared to sacrifice your freedom for her?” “Guess so”: 3*
-2 more of Fyers’ men are seen dead, blown up by the missile one of them fired and Oliver redirected (shared; different part of the camp)
-Oliver shoots Edward Fyers through the throat with an arrow

The Undertaking: 1
-Thomas “Tommy” Merlyn dies after being crushed under rubble and impaled through the back by a piece of rebar, caused by Malcolm’s Markov Device creating a man-made earthquake underneath the Glades

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

*Kills seen during flashbacks to the island.
+Imagined kill seen during a nightmare.
-Many, many beatings and knockouts throughout the season, but nothing lethal.
-Several non-lethal gunshots and arrows to arms and legs throughout the season.
-In episode 1, it’s mentioned that 7 people died in the Queen’s Gambit sinking, but Sara is later revealed to be alive and Robert and Hackett died shortly afterwards, meaning 2 others died off-screen in the sinking.
-In episode 1, The Hood shoots 2 of Hunt’s men with arrows during their first meeting, but it’s mentioned in the next scene that they were only hospitalised instead.
-In episode 2, Emily Nocenti mentions that her mother died when she was still a baby.
-In episode 2, it’s revealed that the 2 cops watching Laurel’s apartment were killed off-screen by Zhishan’s men.
-In episode 3, Holder is revealed to be responsible for putting faulty smoke detectors inside low-income housing that caused fires themselves, resulting in multiple deaths.
-In episode 3, Carl Rasmussen is mentioned in a news report as having been shot off-screen by Deadshot.
-In episode 4, Oliver breaks a pheasant’s neck in a flashback.
-In episode 5, Yao Fei shoots a rabbit with an arrow in a flashback.
-In episode 5, Walter is informed that Josiah Hudson was killed in a car accident, that is revealed to have been caused by Malcolm’s men.
-In episode 6, Kyle shoots Officer Stan Washington during a robbery, but he’s mentioned to be in a coma that he is revealed at the end of the episode to have come out of.
-In episode 7, Helena’s motivation is the shooting of her fiancé Michael Stanton at the hands of Salvati on suspicion of being an FBI informant, when it was actually her.
-In episode 9, Yao Fei is seen carrying a dead rabbit to help feed Oliver in a flashback.
-In episode 10, it’s mentioned that a total of 34 civilians and six firemen died during the Nodell Tower fire two years earlier, but Garfield is revealed to have survived, meaning 5 firemen died.
-In episode 11, thermal satellite footage of Gaynor and his team taking down a Taliban transport vehicle in Afghanistan is shown, but no deaths are shown on-screen.
-In episode 12, The Count mentions that 56 homeless people, runaways and prostitutes died after being injected with different versions of Vertigo while trying to perfect it.
-In episode 12, both a Russian mobster and Oliver are clinically dead after having a chokehold performed on them, by Oliver and Yao Fei respectively, that causes a death-like state, but both come back after having the pressure point that wakes them up used.
-In episode 13, it’s mentioned that Cyrus is responsible for at least 52 different murders but has never been convicted due to lack of evidence.
-In episode 13, Cyrus mentions that he recruited enough men to use up The Hood’s entire arrow and flechette supply, meaning that The Hood killed another 10 of Cyrus’ men off-screen.
-In episode 14, Fyers mentions that Yao Fei killed 3 of his best men with a bow and arrow, changing his mind on the weapon.
-In episode 14, Oliver briefly dies from blood loss after being shot by Moira, but he is brought back with adrenaline and a defibrillator.
-In episode 14, Diggle tells a story from Afghanistan in which his convoy was ambushed by insurgents and his unit massacred them, including an 18 year old Diggle shot in the throat.
-In episode 15, The Dodger is mentioned to have literally blown a guy’s head off with a bomb collar in Madrid after he refused to steal an item for him the previous year.
-In episode 15, Roy mentions that his father is dead and wanted for gambling debts.
-In episode 16, Slade is seen with a dead boar that he hunted for six hours in a flashback.
-In episode 17, Diggle is seen reading a news article about the assassination of the President of the fictional country of Bialya by Deadshot.
-In episode 17, Huntress shoots McKenna with a shotgun, but she survives with a shattered femur.
-In episode 18, Oliver mentions that 7 people have frozen to death in Nickel’s properties over the past three years, and a fire the previous night in another due to faulty wiring killed an unknown number of people.
-In episode 18, Savior’s wife Emma Falk is mentioned to have been shot during a bodega robbery gone wrong one year earlier, inspiring his crusade.
-In episode 19, it’s revealed that Yao Fei was framed as a scapegoat after the Chinese military committed a massacre.
-In episode 19, Slade is seen with several dead fish that he caught off-screen.
-In episode 20, Quentin mentions that Mr. Blank killed the 2 cops stationed outside of Laurel’s apartment.
-In episode 21, Robert mentions in a flashback that he accidentally caused a corrupt councilman to fall to his death during an argument.
-In episode 23, Oliver stabs Malcolm in the heart with one of his own arrows, but he somehow survives this.

[The Final Tally= 243]