Anthony Quinn Killcounts

The Milky Way
Sworn Enemy
Night Waitress
Swing High, Swing Low
Waikiki Wedding
Under Strange Flags
The Last Train From Madrid
Partners In Crime
Daughter Of Shanghai
Dangerous To Know
Tip-Off Girls
Hunted Men
King Of Alcatraz
King Of Chinatown
Union Pacific 1
Island Of Lost Men
Television Spy
Emergency Squad
Parole Fixer
Road To Singapore
The Ghost Breakers
Thieves Fall Out
Blood And Sand
Bullets For O’Hara
They Died With Their Boots On 1
The Perfect Snob
Road To Morocco
The Black Swan
Guadalcanal Diary 6
Ladies Of Washington
Roger Touhy, Gangster
Irish Eyes Are Smiling
China Sky 1
Where Do We Go from Here?
Back To Bataan 30
The Imperfect Lady
Sinbad, The Sailor
Black Gold
The Brave Bulls
Mask Of The Avenger
Viva Zapata! 2
The Brigand
Against All Flags 3
City Beneath The Sea
Ride, Vaquero! 2
East Of Sumatra
Fatal Desire
Angels Of Darkness
The Long Wait
La Strada 1
The Magnificent Matador
The Naked Street 1
Seven Cities Of Gold
Man From Del Rio 3
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame 17
The Wild Party
The Ride Back 4
Wild Is The Wind
Hot Spell
The Black Orchid
Warlock 2
Heller In Pink Tights
The Savage Innocents 1
Portrait In Black
The Guns Of Navarone 40
Barabbas 2
Lawrence Of Arabia 6
The Visit
Zorba The Greek
Marco The Magnificent
Lost Command 38
The 25th Hour
The Happening
The Rover
Guns For San Sebastian 80
The Magus 1
The Shoes Of Fisherman
The Secret Of Santa Vittoria
A Dream Of Kings
A Walk In The Spring Rain
The City
Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears 22
The Destructors 3
The Con Artists
The Inheritance
The Message 13
Target Of An Assassin 1
The Greek Tycoon
The Children Of Sanchez
The Passage 8
Lion Of The Desert 1
Regina Roma
Onassis: The Richest Man In The World
A Man Of Passion
Ghosts Can’t Do It 1
The Old Man And The Sea
A Star For Two
This Can’t Be Love
Hercules And The Amazon Women
Hercules And The Lost Kingdom
Somebody To Love
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys – The Circle Of Fire
Hercules In The Underworld
Hercules In The Maze Of The Minotaur
A Walk In The Clouds
Il Mago
Seven Servants
The Mayor
Terra De Canons


No Kills In: The Plainsmen, Texas Rangers Ride Again, The Buccaneer, Bulldog Drummond In Africa, City For Conquest, Larceny, Inc, The Ox-Bow Incident, Buffalo Bill, The World In His Arms, Seminole, Blowing Wild, Funniest Show On Earth, Ulysses, Attila, Lust For Life, The River’s Edge, Last Train From Gun Hill, Requiem For A Heavyweight, Behold A Pale Horse, A High Wind In Jamaica, Across 110th Street, The Don Is Dead, High Risk, The Salamander, Revenge, Jungle Fever, Only The Lonely, Last Action Hero, Gotti, Avenging Angelo

The Philco Television Playhouse
Pulitzer Price Playhouse
Somerset Maugham TV Theatre
Lights Out
The Ford Theatre Hour
Schlitz Playhouse Of Stars
ITV Play Of The Week
Toast Of The Town
The Man And The City
Jesus Of Nazareth
Treasure Island In Outer Space

L’Isola Del Tesoro, Space Island

The Cosby Show
La Noche De Los Castillos
Camino De Santiago


**All counts above 9 are tentative. Until there is a video showing verification, you may take these numbers with a grain of salt.