Abduction (2011) Body Count Breakdown

Abduction (2011) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

[Character Kills]

Nathan Price (Taylor Lautner): 1
Viktor Kazlow (Michael Nyquist): 4
Alek (Nickola Shreli): 2
Sandra Burns (Antoique Smith): 1
Frank Burton (Alfred Molina): 1
Kevin Harper (Jason Isaacs): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

House: 3
-Alek shoots Mara
-Kevin breaks an assassin’s neck
-Alek shoots Kevin

Train: 1
-Nathan beats Tom to death and throws his body out the window

Diner: 6
-Viktor snipes 4 FBI Agents
-Frank shoots Alek
-Sandra shoots the second assassin

Hideout: 4
-FBI Agents shoot 4 Russian assassins

Final Confrontation: 1
-An FBI sniper shoots Viktor

[The Final Tally= 15]