3:10 To Yuma (2007) Killcount And Body Count Breakdown

3:10 To Yuma (2007)

Starring Russell Crowe, Christian Bale and Ben Foster

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Crowe kills 14
Bale kills 9
Foster kills 15

3:10 To Yuma rights held by Relativity Media, Tree Line Film and Lionsgate.

3:10 To Yuma (2007) Body Count Breakdown by Longuecarabine

(Previously done by Gregglop09)

[Character Kills]

Charlie Prince (Ben Foster): 15
Ben Wade (Russell Crowe): 14
Dan Evans (Christian Bale): 9
Campos (Rio Alexander): 6
Sutherland (Brian Duffy): 4
Jackson (Shawn Howell): 3
Jorgensen (Pat Ricotti): 3
Kinter (Ramon Frank): 3
Nez (Deryle J. Lujan/James “Scotty” Augare): 3
Byron McElroy (Peter Fonda): 2

[Corpse Breakdown]

Carriage Robbery: 9
Byron shoots an outlaw with a shotgun
Pinkertons shoot an outlaw with a Gatling Gun
Campos snipes a Gatling gunner
A Pinkerton shoots an outlaw with a Gatling Gun
Byron shoots a stick of dynamite in Tighe’s saddlebag blowing him up
Charlie shoots 2 Pinkertons
Ben shoots Tommy Darden in the throat
Ben shoots Kane in the head

“This town’s gonna burn!”: 2
Charlie shoots a deputy
Charlie shoots a civilian

“They’re gonna hang me in the morning”: 1
Ben stabs Tucker in the throat with a fork

“You’ve forgotten what he done for us”: 2
Campos snipes Marshal Weathers
Sutherland sets fire to the carriage burning Deputy Crawley alive

Territory: 2
2 travelers bodies are seen scalped by Apaches

“Even bad men love their mamas”: 1
Ben throws Byron off a cliff to his death

Night Attack: 3
Ben shoots 2 Apaches with a shotgun
Ben cuts an Apache’s throat with a knife

Railroad Escape: 2
Ben throws a pack of dynamite into the air and Dan shoots it blowing up the tunnel and causing it to collapse crushing a railroad enforcer (Shared)
Doc Potter dies from a gunshot wound inflicted by a railroad enforcer

“I hate posse’s”: 3
Charlie shoots Boles
Charlie shoots Zeke
Charlie shoots a railroad enforcer

Double-Cross: 3
Charlie, Campos, Jackson, Jorgensen, Kinter, Nez and Sutherland shoot The Marshal and 2 deputies (Shared)

“Not the black hat!”: 13
Dan shoots 3 of Charlie’s men with a shotgun
Dan shoots one of Charlie’s men
Dan shoots one of Charlie’s men in the head
Charlie shoots 4 of his own men
Campos snipes one of Charlie’s men
Dan shoots 2 of Charlie’s men
Dan shoots Kinter with a shotgun

“You know for a one-legged rancher he’s one tough son of a bitch”: 7
Charlie shoots Dan
Ben shoots Sutherland
Ben shoots Jackson
Ben shoots Campos
Ben shoots Nez
Ben shoots Jorgenson
Ben shoots Charlie with his own gun

[The Final Tally= 48]