Zatoichi (1989) Bodycount Breakdown

Zatoichi [26] (1989): Body Count by Rorschach94


Zatoichi (Shintaro Katsu): 103
Inspector Hanshuu (Takanori Jinnai): 2
Ronin (Ken Ogata): 1
Boss Akabei (Yûya Uchida): 1


Takeover: 3
-3 bosses assassinated by Goeman’s men

Dark Night: 5
-Ichi kills 5 swordsmen

On the Road: 6
-Ichi kills 6 attackers

Test: 1
-The Ronin kills Kuroma

Inn: 13
-Ichi kills 12 disguised attackers
-Unexplained body is shown outside of the inn

Playing Dead: 6
-Ichi kills 5 attackers
-Hanshuu finishes off one attacker

Drunken Rage: 2
-Hanshuu kills his servant just because he can
-Ichi kills Hanshuu

Massacres: 106
-Goemon’s men kill 3 servants
-25 people die in the battle
-Boss Akabei kills one of his own men
-Goemon’s men kill Boss Akabei
-Ichi shows up and kills 72 of Goemon’s men
-Goemon’s gunmen accidentally kill two of their own*
-Ichi kills Goemon
-Ichi kills the Ronin


*After they shoot, several of the gunmen seem to fall down in pain. I can’t figure out why though; if they injured themselves or if Ichi deflected the bullets somehow. Because of the uncertainty, I’m not going to count them as kills.