Zai zhan jiang hu [Gods, Gangsters and Gamblers/Return Engagement] (1990) Bodycount Breakdown

Zai zhan jiang hu [Gods, Gangsters and Gamblers/Return Engagement] (1990) Body Count by Luvmetender009


Lung Ho-Tin (Alan Tang Kwong Wing) – 47 kills
Wah (Andy Lau) – 26 kills
Li Pang (Simon Yam) – 3 kills
Henchman (Kwan Yung) – 1 kill


The Hit – 5
-Mafia shoots 2 triads
-Ho-tin shoots 2 mafia
-Ho-Tin’s wife shot by mafia

Airport/Chase – 12
-Ho-tin shoots 1 mafia through a camera’s lens
-Ho-tin shoots 1 more mafia
-Triads shoot 1 mafia
-Mafia shoot 1 triad
-Triads and mafia each shoots 1 of each other’s
-1 triad on a balcony is shot and fell over
-Ho-tin shoot 1 mafia from behind a hot dog stand
-Triads and mafia each shoots 1 more of each other’s
-Ho-tin shoots 1 mafia who is running to his getaway vehicle
-Ho-tin shoots mafia driving getaway vehicle

“Go ahead, shoot me!!! You fucking chink!!!” – 1
-Ho-tin runs over mafia boss and shoots him while he’s in mid-air bouncing off the vehicle’s top

Restaurant/”Eat the pizza!!!” – 6
-Wah stabs 1 mafia hitman with a knife concealed in a plate
-Ho-tin shoots 1 mafia hitman with pistol hidden in Peking duck
-Wah shoots 2 mafia
-Ho-tin shoots mafia hitman leader
-Uncle Bill is shot

The Docks – 19
-Pang’s thugs shoots Tung and 8 dealers
-Henchman finish off 1 dealer lying at the bottom of the boat
-Pang shoots Tung’s wife and 2 children
-Thugs shoot Henchman

Executing the Company Law – 1
-Pang shoots Uncle Hung

Abduction – 7
-Thugs shoots the pimp and a whore
-Thugs accidentally shoots 1 of their own
-Ho-tin shoots 1 thug
-Ho-tin shoots 1 more thug in the forehead, from point-blank range
-Ho-tin shotguns 2 thugs

Roadblock – 31
-Ho-tin and Wah’s gang shoots 3 thugs, at least 1 by Ho-tin
-Wah shoots 3 thugs
-Ho-tin and Wah’s gang guns down 5 thugs, at least 2 by Ho-tin
-Wah shoots 3 thugs
-5 more thugs are shot by Ho-tin and Wah’s gang, at least 1 by Ho-tin
-Wah shoots 4 more thugs
-Wah’s gang shoots 9 thugs

Final Shootout – 68
-Wah’s gang shoots 10 thugs
-Wah and Ho-tin shoots 4 thugs (2 kills each)
-Ho-tin shoots 4 thugs
-Wah shoots 4 thugs
-6 more thugs are shot
-5 more thugs are shot, all from different angles
-Ho-tin shoots 3 thugs
-Ho-tin and Wah shoots 4 thugs (2 kills each)
-Wah shoots 2 more thugs
-Wah and Ho-tin shoots the gas canisters behind their truck while sending it at full acceleration towards container, blowing up 1 thug cowering beneath it and 7 thugs above it (both gets 8 kills shared)
-Wah and Ho-tin mows down 8 thugs (4 each)
-Wah and Ho-tin finish off 7 thugs (3 kills each and 1 shared)
-Siu-Fung is blown up by a bomb attached to her by Pang
-Ho-tin empties an entire magazine of ammunition into Pang


-During the abduction scene Ho-tin shoots a gas canister that knocks a thug off his feet, but he’s probably still alive.
-1 of Pang’s thugs is shot by cops, but he survives.
-Ho-tin beats up some punks in the red-light district but didn’t kill anyone.
-Ho-tin’s daughter is mentioned to have committed suicide by jumping off a building’s roof.