Yukari Ôshima Killcounts

Chodensai Baioman The Movie
The Millionaires’ Express

Shanghai Express

A Book Of Heroes 4
Kong-Fu Wonder Child
The Funny Family
Iron Angels


Final Run 7
Burning Ambition

Dragons’ Fight For Supremacy

Angel’s Mission

Born To Fight

Close Escape
Magnificent 7 Kung-Fu Kids
A Punch To Revenge
Never Say Regret 6
Outlaw Brothers 3
Lethal Angels

Brave Young Girls

The Justice Women

The Legend Of Heroism, Midnight Angel

Lethal Angels 2
Godfather’s Daughter Mafia Blues 3
Riki-Oh: The Story Of Ricky 1
Spiritually A Cop
The Story Of The Gun

Guns Of The Master Killer

Dreaming The Reality 14
Angel Force

Mission Kill

Devil Cat

The Cat Living Ten Times, The Cat

The Angels
Gambling Ghost Are Ready
Ghost’s Love
Lover’s Tear
Kick Boxer’s Tears 1
Honor And Glory
The Big Deal
Angel Terminators II

The Best Of The Lady Kickboxer

The Direct Line 11
Angel Hunter
Beauty Investigator

Beauty Inspectors

Mission Of Justice 26
Fatal Chase
Hard To Kill

Interpol Connection

Angel The Kickboxer
Lethal Panther 2 30
Kakambal Ko Sa Tapang 18
Death Triangle

A Serious Shock! Yes, Madam!

The Avenging Quartet 1
Project S

Supercop 2

Devil’s Love

His Way, Her Way, Their Ways

1/3 Lover
Devil Girl 18
Angel Of Vengeance 8
Once Upon A Time In Manila 8
Deadly Target

Fatal Target

Guardian Angel
Pintsik 3
Iyo Ang Hong Kong, Akin Ang Manila! 13
Tapang Sa Tapang
Drugs Fighters 4
Emergency Call

Emergency Doctor

Ultracop 2000 3
Power Connection

Power Play

Lethal Girls 2

The Year Of The Gun

Tiger Angels
Super Cops
Challenge 5
Vengeance Is Mine 3
Sgt. Hidalgo: Bala Ng Katarungan
Leopard Hunting
Gold Rush
To Kiss Is Fatal
Golden Nightmare 3
Lethal Combat

Techno Warriors 2, Digital Warriors

It Takes A Thief
Hakata Movie: Chinchiromai
Xtreme Warriors

Digital Man

Ashita Wa Kitto
Legendary Amazons

Yang Family Generals

TOTAL: 252

**All counts above 9 are tentative. Until there is a video showing verification, you may take these numbers with a grain of salt.