You Only Live Twice Killcount and Body Count Breakdown

You Only Live Twice (1967)

Starring Sean Connery

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Connery kills 21

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You Only Live Twice (1967) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender)


James Bond (Sean Connery): 21
Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Donald Pleasence): 5
Tiger Tanaka (Tetsuro Tanba): 2
Kissy Suzuki (Mie Hama): 1


Space Shuttle Hijack: 1
-US astronaut gets his cable cut by Bird One and drifts off into space

Safehouse: 2
-Henderson is killed by an assassin
-Bond stabs the assassin

Osato Enterprises: 1

-Bond shoots a security guard

Chase: 4
-Tiger’s men in helicopter drop a car carrying 4 thugs into the Bay of Tokyo

Kobe Docks: 3

-Bond shoots 3 thugs

Little Nellie Test Flight: 4

-Bond destroys 1 helicopter with Little Nellie’s backfire, incinerating its pilot
-Bond drops aerial mines onto 1 helicopter and blows it up, killing the pilot
-Bond blows up 2 more helicopters with missiles, killing both pilots

“This organization does not tolerate failure”: 1
-Blofeld drops Helga Brandt into piranha pool where she is devoured

Tiger’s Place: 2
-Aki is unintentionally poisoned by an assassin
-Bond shoots the assassin

Training: 1
-Bond stabs an assassin

SPECTRE Base Assault: 177
-Crater defense guns mow down 11 ninjas
-Bond shoots 1 tech with cigarette gun
-2 dead ninjas seen killed by the crater guns
-SPECTRE guards shoot 3 ninjas
-SPECTRE guards blow up 3 ninjas
-3 other dead ninjas seen hanging from ropes
-Ninjas shoot 19 guards
-Ninjas blow up 8 guards
-10 guards are sliced up by a ninja’s sword
-Kissy shoots 1 guard
-1 tech in the control room is blown up by a ninja’s grenade launcher
-SPECTRE guards shoot 9 ninjas
-27 dead ninjas shown lying around
-31 dead guards shown as well
-Blofeld shoots Osato
-Number 3 is killed by an explosion
-Bond shoots 1 guard
-Tiger shoots 2 guards and they fall off stairway
-Bond blows up 3 guards with grenade
-2 guards are blown up by a ninja’s grenade
-Bond shoots 1 guard and he falls off stairway
-Bond throws a shuriken into 1 guard and he also falls off balcony
-Bond drops Hans into pirahna pool where he is eaten
-Bond blows up Bird One, killing the 2 pilots onboard
-25 dead guards shown
-7 dead ninjas shown
-Blofeld blows up the base, killing 3 ninjas in the explosion


-The fates of the 3 Russian cosmonauts in the base, as well as Number 4 and the other technicians’ fates are unknown, and it isn’t said if they escaped the base before it was destroyed or not.