X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009): Bodycount Breakdown

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009): Body Count by gregglop09

(previously done by Rorshach94)

[Character Kills]

Agent Zero (Daniel Henney): 22
Logan/James Howlett/Wovlerine (Hugh Jackman/ Troy Sivan): 11 (10 as adult, 1 as child)
Victor Creed/Sabretooth (Liev Schreiber): 10
Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds): 9
Scott Summers/Cyclops (Tim Pocock): 5
Major William Stryker (Danny Huston): 1
Fred Dukes/ Blob (Kevin Durand): 1
John Wraith (Wil.i.am): 1
Thomas Logan (Aaron Jeffrey): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Canada, 1845: 2
Thomas Logan kills John Howlett
James kills Thomas Logan

Civil War: 10
5 soldiers are blown up by cannon fire
2 soldiers are seen getting shot
3 soldiers are seen dead

World War I: 12
A biplane crashes into a tower, killing the pilot
Logan shoots 2 soldiers
Victor kills 2 soldiers
5 soldiers are seen dead
2 soldiers are blown up

World War II: 13
Germans gun down 10 American Soldiers
Logan breaks a Nazi’s neck
Victor throws a Nazi out of a bunker to his death
Victor shoots 1 Nazi

Vietnam: 3
Victor kills 1 soldier
Victor kills 2 more soldiers with his claws

Nigeria: 31
Zero guns down 8 guards in a row
Zero shoots 1 soldier, causing him to accidentally gun down 4 of his own comrades (Zero’s kills)
Zero shoots 5 more guards while doing a somersault over a fence
Fred punches into a tank’s barrel, causing the rocket inside to backblast back into the tank, killing the gunner
Wade kills 4 guards by deflecting their bullets into them
Wade cuts a bullet in half with his sword and it shoots the 2 guards who fired
Wade kills the last 2 guards with his swords
Victor breaks a villager’s neck
Wade cuts down 1 villager
Wraith shoots 1 villager
Zero shoots 1 villager

Trailer: 1
Victor kills Bradley

Escape: 2
Wolverine kills 2 guards

Barn: 2
Zero snipes Mrs. Hudson
Zero snipes Travis

Chase: 6
Wolverine kills the gunner of the first Humveee
Wolverine slashes the tires to the second Humvee, causing it to crash, killing the driver
Zero fires a rocket at the third Humvee, killing the driver
Wolverine slashes the tail to the helicopter, causing it to crash, killing the pilot and the gunner
Wolverine ignites the fuel with his claws, causing it to blow up the crashed helicopter, killing Zero in the blast

New Orleans: 1
Victor rips Wraith’s spine out

Shutting Down: 1
Stryker kills General Munson with a surgical machete

Escape: 6
Cyclops kills 5 mercenaries with his eye blasts
Kayla dies of a gunshot wound inflicted by a mercenary

The Final Tally: [90]