X-Men 3: The Last Stand (2006): Body Count Breakdown

X-Men 3: The Last Stand (2006): Body Count by Rorschach94


Jean Grey (Famke Janssen): 36
Wolverine/ Logan (Hugh Jackman): 22
Beast/ Henry McCoy (Kelsey Grammer): 10
Magneto/ Eric Lensherr (Ian Mckellen): 8
Colossus/ Peter Rasputin (Daniel Cudmore): 2
Storm/ Ororo Monroe (Halle Berry): 1
Iceman/ Bobby Drake (Shawn Ashmore): 1
Mystique/ Raven Darkholme (Rebecca Romijn): 1
Pyro/ John Allerdyce (Aaron Stanford): 1
Quill (Ken Leung): 1


Return to Alkali Lake: 1
-Scott Summers killed by Jean Grey

Mobile Prison: 10
-Magneto crushes the lead car, killing the 4 people shown inside
-Magneto crushes the second car, killing at least 2 people shown earlier
-Magneto flips the semi-truck cab, killing the 2 guards inside
-Mystique snaps guard’s neck
-Pyro scorches 1 guard

Forest: 7
-Wolverine kills 6 of Magneto’s soldiers
-Wolverine kills the bone-dart guy

The Last Stand: 71
-1 mutant falls to his death after being shot
-5 soldiers scorched by mutant
-Wolverine collapses light post, killing 1 mutant
-Wolverine kills 13 mutant soldiers*
-Beast kills 10 mutant soldiers**
-Colossus kills 2 mutants***
-Quill kills Dr. Rao
-Storm electrocutes Callisto
-Iceman headbutts Pyro, most likely killing him****
-Jean disintegrates 26 soldiers*****
-Jean kills Quill, Jubilee and Arclight
-Jean kills 6 more soldiers
-Wolverine kills Jean


*I counted 1 guy who is shown falling down right after it cuts to Wolverine in one shot, because he appeared to have been killed
**I only counted Beast’s hits as kills when he slashes at their thoats, becuse his claws would easily kill them
***He’s made of solid metal. You try to survive being punched in the face by him and not getting your face smashed in or your neck broken.
****He was made of solid ice at the time, so I counted it as death by concussion.
*****I just counted all of the soldiers shooting at Jean, because she killed them all, even though it only shows about 10 get disintegrated


-Xavier is killed, but after the credits, he’s shown to be still alive, just in a different body
-2 more trucks flipped by Magneto, but it’s unlikely that the drivers were killed
-A building is blown up by Pyro, buts it unclear if anyone is actually killed