Wu xia qi gong zhu [Holy Weapon / Seven Maidens] (1993) Body Count

Wu xia qi gong zhu (1993) [Holy Weapon / Seven Maidens] Body Count by luvmetender009


Ching Sze / To Col Ching (Michelle Yeoh) – 4
Mo Kake ‘Heaven’s Sword’ (Damian Lau) – 8
Super Sword (Simon Yam) – 28
Butterfly (Charine Chan) – 2
Snow White (Carol ‘Do Do’ Cheng) – 3
Ng Tung (Dicky Cheung) – 3
Black Widow Ninja (Sharla Cheung) – 7
Yam Kin Fai (Sandra Ng Kwan Yue) – 2


Reign of Super Sword – 15
-Super Sword kills 15 warriors

Night Before Wedding – 1
-Ching Sze stabs Green Jinx with a dart (he is later resurrected into a jiangshi/Chinese vampire)

The Challenge – 136
-126 (!) corpses of warriors and acolytes who died in battle seen
-MoKake causes 2 winged acolytes to crash and they burst into giblets
-Super Sword destroys a giant waterwheel where 8 prisoners are tied to, killing all of them

Banquet Horror – 9
-MoKake has a nightmare where 3 people are killed by Super Sword’s acolytes
-MoKake unintentionally kills 6 people in his rage

Street – 1
-Ching Sze breaks the charlatan’s neck with a kick

So how do I kill her – 2
-Snow White is killed twice in Ng Tong’s imagination

Getting Out – 1
-Dead beggar’s skeleton seen, by Snow White

Brothel – 5
-Black Widow devours Valentino
-Black Widow kills 4 of Valentino’s men

The (Very Last) Return of Green Jinx – 1
-Super Sword slice Green Jinx (in jiangshi form) into half

Super Sword’s Chamber – 3
-Whore killed by Super Sword seen
-Super Sword kills 2 of his own

Super Sword Makes a Personal Visit – 1
-Super Sword decapitates Doctor

The Showdown – 9
-Snow White, Ching Sze, Blonde, Butterfly, Black Widow and Fai each kills 1 acolyte
-Ng Tong kills 2 acolytes
-The Seven Maidens forms into the Holy Sword formation which kills Super Sword. Each gets 1 kill


-MoKake’s horse was decapitated by Super Sword’s acolytes.
-Ching Sze was mentioned to have killed 47 people at one point of the movie.
-Super Sword possibly killed 1 of his own acolyte in is bed chamber, but it isn’t confirmed although we never did see her again.
-More of Super Sword acolyte’s are seen in The Showdown, but they disappear after Super Sword’s defeat, probably fleeing demoralized after seeing his demise.