War (2007): Body Count Breakdown

War (2007) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Rogue (Jet Li): 42
Crawford (Jason Statham): 9
Wu Ti (Mark Cheng): 7
Takata (Ken Choi): 4
Wick (Matthew St. Patrick): 2
Tom Lone (Terry Chen): 2
Chang (John Lone): 1


Docks: 19
5 dead Triads scattred throughout
Rogue stabs a Triad with a samurai sword
3 other dead Triads seen
Rogue hangs a Triad by the neck and shoots him in the head
Crawford shotguns 2 Triads
Tom shoots a Triad in the head
5 more dead Triads seen
Crawford shotguns 1 more Triad

Tom’s House: 2
Rogue shoots Tom’s wife and daughter

Club: 9
Rogue slashes 2 guard’s throats with a razor
Rogue shoots a Yakuza in the head while he’s doing a girl
Rogue kills Kimo off-screen
Rogue’s bomb blows up 4 Yakuza
Rogue shoots the last Yakuza thug

Visting Benny: 2
2 people killed by Rogue are seen in a photo

Fence: 8
Wu machine guns 5 Triads in a row
Wu’s accomplices shoot 3 Triads

Resturant: 1
Rouge shoots Andrews in the chest with a sniper rifle

Yakuza Territory: 4
Rogue shoots 3 Yakuza punks
Rogue stabs Joey Ti in the mouth and chest with a samurai sword

Alley: 1
Wu shoots a Yakuza thug in the back of the head

Teahouse Massacre/Retaliation: 17
Triads mow down 4 Yakuza thugs at the table
A Yakuza thug shoots a Triad next to a car
Wick machine guns a Triad near the second car
A Yakuza thug shoots a Triad
Another Triad is shot by a Yakuza thug
Takata shoots a Yakuza thug off-camera
A Triad is shot down by 2 Yakuza thugs
Takata shoots the 2 Yakuza thugs
Crawford crashes into a Triad’s car and caps the driver as soon as he gets out
Wick machine guns the Triad next to Crawford
Crawford shoots a Triad off a balcony and onto a glass table

Cease Fire: 9
Rogue snipes 3 Triads
Wu stabs a FBI Agent in the neck
Takata shoots Wick in the back
Crawford steps on a Triad’s neck and breaks it
A Triad is axed by one of his friends
Crawford stabs an incoming Triad with another’s samurai sword
Crawford cuts down the same Triad with the sword

“This Isn’t Japan”: 1
Crawford shoots Takata in the head

Chang’s Mansion: 5
Ninjas kill 5 of Chang’s guards

“You’re a Fucking Traitor!”: 3
Chang shoots Wu and Rogue finishes him (shared kill)
Rouge shoots Chang
Rogue shoots 1 of Chang’s guards in the head

Rogue’s Betrayal: 4
Rogue decapitates the Lead Ninja with a samurai sword
Rogue forces a ninja’s head through a car windshield, killing him
Rogue stabs a ninja with the sword
Rogue shoots the last ninja in the back of the head

Final Revenge: 9
Rogue blows up the briefcase, killing 2 guards and Shiro’s boss
Rogue kicks a guard in the head, killing him
Rogue throws a tire at a guard’s head, killing him
Rogue shoots 4 guards in a row

Flashback: 1
Tom blows Rogue’s head off with a shotgun

Sword Fight: 1
Rogue slashes Shiro’s throat with his sword

Final Fight: 1
Rogue shoots Crawford in the back