Wanted (2008): Body Count Breakdown

Wanted (2008) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy): 41

Fox (Angelina Jolie): 18

Mr. X (David O’Hara): 4

Cross (Thomas Kretchsmann): 2


Office: 1

-Assassins shoot Puja in the head

Rooftop: 5

-Mr. X headshots 3 assassins

-Mr. X caps the last assassin in the back of the head

-Cross shoots Mr. X

One by One: 1

-1 Feretinity Member’s dead body is shown, killed by Cross off-screen
Training: 2

-2 dead bodies hanging on hooks

Wesley’s Gun Training: 2

-Wesley shoots his first target via bending a bullet through a window

-Wesley shoots his second target
Alley: 1

-Wesley accidentally shoots The Exterminator
Flashback: 1

-Fox’s father set on fire
Train: 11

-Fox crashes into the train with her car, causing the train to derail and causing 4 people to fall out to their deaths

-Wesley shoots Cross

-6 people are killed when the second derailed train car falls into the river, caused by Fox
Payback: 35

-Wesley shoots 1 assassin while crashing through the window

-Wesley shoots 3 assassins in a row

-Wesley headshots 1 assassin

-Wesley shoots 3 assassins while running

-Wesley shoots 2 assassins with another’s machine gun

-Wesley picks up his pistol and shoots 1 assassin

-Wesley guns down 10 assassins in a row dual handed

-Wesley steps on a pistol’s trigger, shooting 1 assassin in the head

-Wesley shoots 1 assassin with a revolver

-Wesley shoots The Repairman through the eye

-Wesley shoots 5 assassin through The Repairman’s eye

-Wesley shoots 2 assassins dual handed

-3 assassins are seen dead, presumably killed by Wesley’s explosives earlier

-Wesley shoots The Butcher in the chest with a pipe stuck in the barrel and kicks it in, impaling him through the heart and killing him
Surrounded: 8

-Fox’s bent bullet shoots The Gunsmith

-Fox’s bent bullet shoots through 6 assassin’s heads

-Fox steps in front of her own bent bullet and shoots her in the head
Taking Control: 1

-Wesley shoots Sloan


-More people could have been killed on the train but due to the chaotic nature of the scene, it was hard to tell