Wake Of Death (2004): Body Count Breakdown

Wake Of Death (2004): Body Count by luvmetender009


Ben Archer (Jean-Claude Van Damme) – 19
Andy Wang (Tom Wu) – 3
Sun Quan (Simon Yam) – 2
Max (Anthony Fridjohn) – 1
Tony (Tony Schiena) – 1


When Love is Over – 1
-Sun Quan slash his own wife to death

LA Harbor – 1
-Police shoots 1 human trafficker

Chinese Restaurant – 7
-Andy Wang shoots Cynthia’s first parents and the restaurant’s owner
-Sun Quan slash Cynthia to death
-Ben crushes 1 triad with his vehicle’s side
-Ben shoots 2 triads

Whorehouse – 3
-Ben shoots 1 triad
-Ben throws 1 triad down staircase
-Ben shoots Andy Wang in his bed

“Do you know what we do to pieces of shit like you in Marseille?” – 1

-Max drills Mac Hoggins’ eyes out

Hospital – 2
-Triads kills 2 hospital staff offscreen
-Ben shoots 1 triad

Shopping Mall – 1

-Ben snaps second triad’s neck

Kidnap – 3

-Corpses of Max, Raymond and an assistant seen

Highway Chase – 2

-Ben crashes and immobilizes rival vehicle in the path of an oil tanker, which then destroys the vehicle in ensuing explosion and kills both triads in it

Pier 19 – 11

-Ben drives his car into a stack of il drums, blowing up 2 thugs
-Ben shoots 6 thugs
-Ben snaps 1 thug’s neck
-Tony stabs knife-wielding triad between the testicles
-Ben shoots Sun Quan