Van Helsing (2004): Body Count Breakdown

Van Helsing (2004): Body Count by Rorschach94


Gabriel Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman): 15
Carl (David Wenham): 12
Anna Valerious (Kate Beckinsale): 4
Dracula (Richard Roxburgh): 2
Velkan/ The Wolfman (Will Kemp): 2
Frankenstein’s Monster (Shuler Hensley): 1
Mr. Hyde (Robbie Coltrane): 1


Opening: 1
-Dracula kills Dr. Frankenstein

Paris: 2
-1 girl killed by Mr. Hyde
-Van Helsing kills Mr. Hyde/ Dr. Jekyll

Forest: 1
-Velkan kills the werewolf

Village: 6
-5 villagers killed by vampires
-Van Helsing kills 1 vampire

Village-Night: 1
-Grave digger killed by Wolfman

Castle: 72
-19 humans killed by baby vampires
-Anna kills 2 of Dracula’s henchmen
-One man seen killed by Dracula’s experiment
-Van Helsing kills 8 baby vampires
-42 baby vampires explode

Chase: 2
-1 vampire killed by stake bomb left by Dracula
-Van Helsing kills Velkan/ The Wolfman

Party: 12

-Carl’s light bomb kills 12 vampires

Dracula’s Lair: 91
-Van Helsing kills 1 midget henchman
-10 more henchmen killed by explosions
-Igor killed by Frankenstein’s monster
-Anna kills the last vampire
-Van Helsing kills Dracula
-Dracula’s death causes a minimum of 76 baby vampires to explode.
-Van Helsing accidentally kills Anna


Hundreds, possibly thousands of other baby vampires killed in the village and when Dracula dies.


(Including 126 Vampire hatchlings, 30 humans, 16 Vampires, 13 midget henchmen, 2 Wolfmen and a Mr. Hyde monster.)