Until Death (2007): Body Count Breakdown

Until Death (2007): Body Count by luvmetender009


Anthony Stowe (Jean-Claude Van Damme) – 21, 1 shared with Walt
Gabriel Callaghan (Stephen Rea) – 4
Walter Curry (Trevor Cooper) – 3, 1 shared with Anthony
Serge (William Ash) – 2


New Orleans, French Quarter – 5
-Anthony shoots 1 thug nearby a window
-Anthony shoots 1 thug through wall
-Anthony shoots 1 thug on stairs
-Mary and Joe seen dead, shot offscreen by Callaghan (as revealed in the movie’s ending)

Frenchman Street Apartments – 4
-Larenze and his mistress killed by his own thugs
-Serge shoots 2 thugs torturing Anthony

Diner – 5
-Anthony shoots 5 thugs

Meeting – 1
-Callaghan shoots 1 of his own clients

News Footage – 3

-Callaghan’s men kills 3 people dangling below train tracks

Callaghan’s Reign – 9
-4 mobsters shot by Callaghan’s men
-2 people buried alive
-An elderly couple shot dead in a bathtub
-Callaghan fires at the screen, killing 1 more unseen target (heavily implied)

Chinese Restaurant – 1
-Serge shot by Callaghan’s sniper

Kidnap – 1
-Callaghan’s thugs shoots Chad

Industrial Zone – 14
-Walt shoots 1 thug
-Anthony shoots 1 thug which fell backwards into a drain
-Anthony shoots 2 thugs
-Anthony and Walt executes Van together
-Anthony shoots Jimmy at the tip of his chin
-Anthony shoots 7 thugs
-Walt shoots 1 thug

Helicopter – 1 (North American DVD version)
-Anthony shoots Callaghan

Helicopter – 2 (European DVD version)
-Anthony and Callaghan shoots each other dead

[THE FINAL TALLY = 44 (R-1 Version) / 45 (R-2 Version)]