Unknown (2011) BodyCount Breakdown

Unknown (2011) BodyCount Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800


Gina (Diane Kruger): 3
Elizabeth Harris (January Jones): 1
Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson): 1
Smith (Olivier Schneider): 1
Ernst Jurgen (Bruno Ganz): 1


Hospital: 1
-Smith snaps the nurse’s neck

Gina’s Apartment: 1
Gina stabs Smith in the neck with his own poisonous needle

Rodney Cole’s Deadly Nazi Intentions: 1
-Ernst poisons himself to avoid being forced to reveal any information to Rodney

Parking Deck: 2
-Gina crushes another assassin in-between her car and Rodney’s van
-Gina than rams her car into the van off the parking deck, causing Rodney to fall to his death inside the vehicle

“I didn’t forget!”/Hotel: 2
-The bomb that Elizabeth set up explodes, killing herself when she attempts to disarm it
-Martin stabs the “other Martin” with a piece of glass