Universal Soldier: The Return (1999): Body Count Breakdown

Universal Soldier: The Return (1999) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09

(Previously done by Rantbo)


UniSols (Roger Hamilton, Jim Henry, Scott Roland, Derek Southers, Marvin Frank Stone III): 39
Luc Deveraux (Jean-Claude Van Damme): 16
Romeo (Bill Goldberg): 8
S.E.T.H. (Michael Jai White): 4


S.E.T.H.’s Rage: 9
-S.E.T.H. (in computer form) electrocutes 1 worker
-S.E.T.H. shoots lightning, electrocuting Dylan and Larry
-UniSols machine gun 1 security guard
-Romeo machine guns 5 security guards

“We Did!”: 1
-Romeo kills 1 technician off-screen

“Hold Your Fire!”: 32
-UniSols mow down 24 soldiers
-UniSols blow up 6 more soldiers with grenade launchers
-UniSols blow up 1 reporter and her cameraman with a grenade launcher

Fish In A Barrel: 1
-UniSols shoot 1 soldier with a sniper rifle

Ambush: 8
-UniSols shoot Sgt. Morrow
-Luc blows up 2 UniSols with a grenade launcher
-UniSols places a soldier onto an electricfied fence, setting him on fire, which causes an explosion, killing 2 more soldiers
-1 soldier is set on fire by an explosion caused by 1 of his friends
-Luc shoots 1 UniSol, which causes him to shoot the bomb and explode, killing him

“Who’s Your God Now”: 1
-S.E.T.H (in human form) breaks Squid’s neck

Hospital: 3
-Luc fries a UniSol’s brain chip with a defibrillator, killing him
-Romeo breaks 1 orderely’s back over his knee
-Romeo kills Maggie

Sneaking In: 1
-Luc executes 1 UniSol with his own rifle

S.E.T.H. versus Luc: 1
-Luc freezes S.E.T.H.’s human body and shatters him to pieces with a cool kick

Last Stand: 10
-Luc shoots the bomb with a grenade launcher, blowing up the building, killing Romeo, a re-animated Maggie and 8 UniSols


-Luc beats up many security guards at the strip club but none of his hits looked lethal
-Luc kicks a UniSol into a dryer and activates it but he shows up later, so he isn’t counted
-Romeo beats up 1 security guard and 1 orderly at the hospital but they seemed to be unconscious rather than dead