Universal Soldier: Regeneration (2009): Body Count Breakdown

Universal Soldier: Regeneration (2009): Body Count by Rorschach94


Unnamed Series 7 NGU (Andrei Arlovski): 40
Luc Deveraux (Jean-Claude Van Damme): 39
Captain Kevin Burke (Mike Pyle): 6
Andrew Scott #2 (Dolph Lundgren): 4


Kidnapping: 15
-1 bodyguard run down by jeep
-3 bodyguards gunned down by NGU
-2 innocent people gunned down by NGU
-2 bodyguards in pursuing car shot by NGU
-2 police officers in a car gunned down by NGU
-Driver shot by police
-4 police officers gunned down by NGU

Message: 5

-5 Russian soldiers gunned down

Incident: 2

-2 innocent people stabbed by UniSols

First Assault: 18
-Burke shoots 2 thugs
-3 soldiers blown up by mines
-13 thugs gunned down by soldiers

UniSol Massacre: 4
-NGU stabs 1 UniSol in the face
-NGU stabs 1 UniSol in the stomach
-1 UniSol impaled on a hook by NGU
-NGU breaks 1 UniSol’s neck

Retreat: 38
-21 soldiers mowed down by NGU
-1 soldier beaten to death by NGU
-Bodies of 14 soldiers killed offscreen are shown
-1 soldier blows himself up
-1 soldier dies from his wounds

Recon: 4
-Burke stabs 3 thugs
-Burke shoots 1 thug

Losing Control: 4

-Andrew kills 1 thug
-Andrew beats Commander Topov to death
-Andrew crushes Dr. Colin’s skull in

Back in Action: 37
-Luc mows down 29 soldiers
-Luc stabs 4 soldiers
-Luc slices 2 soldier’s throats
-Luc stabs 1 soldier and uses him as a human shield (Shared kill)
-Luc beats 1 soldier to death

Burke’s Last Stand: 1
-Burke stabbed by NGU

Rematch: 2

-Andrew slices Dr. Colin’s Assistant’s throat
-Luc impales Andrew through the head with a pipe and then shoots him with a shotgun through the pipe

Final Showdown: 1
-Luc blows up the NGU with the bomb detonator