Universal Soldier (1992): Body Count Breakdown

Universal Soldier (1992): Body Count by luvmetender009


Sergeant Andrew Scott/GR44 (Dolph Lundgren) – 18
Private Luc Deveraux/GR13 (Jean Claude Van Damme) – 11
Woodward (Leon Rippy) – 2


Vietnam 1969 – 14
-1 American soldier blown up by landmine
-Luc stumbles over an earless corpse, executed by Andrew
-7 more corpses seen scattered around in the village
-1 more earless corpse seen in a cabin, executed by Andrew
-Andrew shoots 1 Vietnamese civilian in the head
-Andrew blows up Vietnamese woman with a grenade
-Luc and Andrew kills each other

Power Station Holdup – 18
-11 corpses seen in front of power station, executed by terrorists
-Terrorists executes 1 hostage
-Luc shoots 1 terrorist
-Andrew shoots 1 terrorist
-Andrew snaps 1 terrorist’s neck
-Unisol decoy shoots terrorist leader
-Luc shoots 1 terrorist
-Andrew shoots 1 terrorist

Unisol Research Centre – 1
-Andrew shoots Huey the cameraman

Trap – 7
-Luc’s trap blows up and incinerates 6 Unisols
-Andrew shoots Colonel Perry in the eye

Andrew Rebels – 4

-Andrew shoots a sergeant
-Andrew punches out a hazmat suit technician’s face
-Andrew injects memory clearance fluid into Garth’s spinal cord, killing him
-Woodward blows up himself with a grenade

Shopping Mall – 5

-1 Unisol dies in freezer from Woodward’s self-inflicted grenade blast
-Andrew shoots a storekeeper and 3 police officers

Desert Chase – 2

-Andrew shoots the police vehicle’s driver
-Luc shoots Unisol driving other vehicle

Barn – 1
-Luc impales Andrew on a sawmill, then activates the machine grinding Andrew into bloody little pieces


-A police car drives off the cliff during the desert chase scene, but none of its occupants died.