Underworld (2003): Body Count Breakdown

Underworld (2003) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09

(previously done by BodyCountMan)


Selene (Kate Beckinsale): 18
Kahn (Robby Gee): 7
Raze (Kevin Grevioux): 3
Viktor (Bill Nighy): 2
Kraven (Shane Brolly): 1


Subway: 3
-Lycans shoot 1 vampire
-Raze kills a vampire
-Selene shoots 1 Lycan

Michael’s Apartment: 2
-Selene shoots 2 Lycans

Train Massacre: 10
-Lycans kill 9 Vampires
-Raze drains Amelia’s blood

Safe House Attack: 5
-Selene shoots 5 Lycans

Selene’s Proof: 1
-Viktor kills 1 Lycan with his claws

The Underground Battle: 44
-3 dead Lycans are seen on the ground
-Kahn blows up 4 Lycans
-Kahn shoots 3 Lycans
-Selene shoots 8 Lycans
-Raze kills 1 vampire off-screen
-Lycans kill Kahn
-Lycans kill 2 other vampires off-screen
-Viktor breaks Raze’s neck
-Vampires shoot 16 Lycans
-Lycans shoot 7 vampires
-Kraven shoots Lucian

Final Fight: 2
-Selene breaks a vampire’s neck
-Selene slices Viktor’s head in two with a sword