Under Siege (1992): Body Count Breakdown

Under Siege (1992) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender)


Calaway (Sandy Ward): 31
Casey Ryback (Steven Seagal): 30
Ramirez (Raymond Cruz): 4
William Strannix (Tommy Lee Jones): 2
Commander Krill (Gary Busey): 1
Jordan Tate (Erika Eleniak): 1
Doumer (Colm Meaney): 1
Tackman (Damian Chapa): 1
Granger (Troy Evans): 1
Pitt (Richard Jones): 1
Shadow (Eddie Bo Smith, Jr.): 1
Cates (Tom Muzila): 1
Zix (John Laughlin): 1


The Siege: 6
-Strannix shoots Commander Green
-Krill shoots Captain Adams
-Doumer shoots 1 Navy officer
-Shadow shoots 1 Marine
-Strannix shoots 1 crewman
-1 Marine is shot by a terrorist

Kitchen: 3
-Cates and Zix shoot Private Nash
-Casey throws a knife into Cates’ throat
-Casey breaks Zix’s neck

Weapons Demonstration: 1
-Pitt activates the ship’s guns and shoots down an F-18 jet, killing its pilot

Ball Room: 6
-6 dead Navy and Marines shown

“Only a cook”: 1
-Casey’s microwave bomb blows up 1 terrorist

Helipad: 9
-Casey chops 1 terrorist’s throat
-Casey pours paint thinner on helicopter, causing it to explode and blow up 1 terrorist in the explosion
-Casey shoots 5 terrorists
-Casey booby traps door with grenade, blowing up 2 terrorists in the blast

Foc’s’le: 1
-1 crewman (shown on CCTV) is shot by a terrorist

Lower Deck: 14
-Ramirez drops a set of propane tanks into the deck, blowing up 3 terrorists
-1 terrorist’s dead body seen on the floor, finished off by Casey
-Johnson is shot by a terrorist
-Casey guns down 7 terrorists
-Casey drops a construction beam onto 1 terrorist, impaling him
-Casey throws 1 terrorist off a railing and leaves him hanging

Workshop: 4
-Casey cuts up 3 terrorists
-Casey grinds 1 terrorist with sawblades

“You give me anymore trouble, I’m calling Mohammed!”: 18

-The terrorists blow up Navy SEAL helicopter, killing the 2 pilots, the strike team leader, and 15 more commandos onboard

Submarine Infiltration: 2
-Casey shoots 1 terrorist
-Jordan shoots Doumer

Sub Destruction: 30
-Calaway blows up submarine with the ship’s missiles, killing Krill, the sub captain, Luigi, and 27 other terrorists onboard

Upper Deck: 4
-Casey shoots Shadow
-Ramirez shoots Pitt
-Casey rips out 1 terrorist’s throat
-Tackman, Calaway, and Granger shoot 1 terrorist and he falls off deck

“Keep the faith, Strannix!”: 1
-Casey gouges out Strannix’s eye, stabs his scalp, and then shoves his head into a control panel


-There were at least 2 other terrorists at the end who’s fates are not shown onscreen.