Treasure Hunt (1994): Body Count Breakdown

Treasure Hunt (1994): Body Count by luvmetender009


Chang Ching (Chow Yun Fat) – 40, 1 shared with Johnson
Johnson (George Saunders) – 4, 1 shared with Ching
Michael (Michael Wong) – 5


Stakeout – 18
-Ching kills 9 thugs
-Michael kills 3 thugs
-Johnson kills 3 thugs
-Michael finishes off 2 thugs
-Ching and Johnson shoots last thug together

Offices – 2
-Tong Ling’s minions strangles the Chinese Corporal
-Ching stabs one of Tong Ling’s thugs (the thug bleeds out to death later)

Bar – 27
-Ching spears 1 thug guarding the van
-Ching shoots 10 thugs
-Ching shoots rigged petrol bomb trap, which blows up and killing 4 more thugs
-Ching shoots 7 thugs
-Ching shoots Tong Ling and 4 more thugs

Standoff – 1
-Ching kills surviving thug behind him

Woods – 1
-Ching shoots Molotov cocktails hanging on a tree, which pours a cascading rain of flames on Tong Shen, roasting him outright


-Ching subdued the guard in a truck by pointing his pistol at the guard’s face, the guard is never seen again. I assumed that Ching merely knocked out the guy instead of killing him.
-More thugs are seen in the bar Ching sets fire to , which means many of them are killed in the fire started by Ching before the final shootout, however it is impossible to tell how many thugs are there, I didn’t count them or add them to Ching’s tally.
-At one point in the final shootout, a few thugs are shot down, one of them survives and could be seen getting back up to his feet. That is the SAME guy killed in the standoff part. I’m sure I didn’t count the same guy twice.