Transporter 2 (2005): Body Count Breakdown

Transporter 2 (2005) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Lola (Kate Nauta): 7
Frank Martin (Jason Statham): 4
Gianni (Alessandro Gassman): 1
Dimitri (Jason Flemying): 1


Plan A: 3
-Lola shoots Laura in the head
-Lola guns down Dr. Copeland
-Lola guns down Vasily

Plan B: 2

-Lola guns down 2 cops near their cars

“My Way”: 3
-A cop flies off a ramp and is killed when his car crashes
-A cop is killed when another cop car crashes into his
-Another cop dies in a car crash

“Thought Complete”: 2
-Lola shoots down a police helicopter, killing the 2 pilots

Boat Fight: 1
-Frank places Max in the boat’s hood and the boats fall down, crushing and killing Max

“Tipov’s Policy Canceled”: 2
-Dimitri shoots Tipov
-Frank kills Dimitri with his own gun barrel

“Flight’s Been Canceled”: 2
-Frank snaps the co-pilot’s neck
-Ginanni shoots the pilot


-Frank beats up around 30 people throughout the film but didn’t kill them
-Lola shoots up a cop car in the chase but the bullets didn’t kill anyone
-2 cop cars crash in the chase but the hoods remained intact, meaning the drivers were not killed
-It is heavily implied that Vasily, Dimitri and Lola killed the other doctors but the bodies or deaths are not shown