Tragic Hero (1987): Body Count Breakdown

Tragic Hero (1987): Body Count by luvmetender009


Li Ah Chai (Chow Yun Fat) = 52
Lam Ting Kwok (Andy Lau) = 28
Chuan (Hong-Ning Ng) = 5
Tang Kat-Yung (Alex Man) = 2


Restaurant – 1
-Yung kills one of his own with a broken beer bottle

Failed Assasination – 1
-Luk killed by Yung’s bodyguards

Highway – 1
-Police traitor killed by unseen assasin

Police Station Breakout – 5
-Wai Chui killed by corrupted police sergeant
-Chai kills aformentioned police sergeant
-Chuan shoots 1 cop, runs over 1, then shoots 1 more hanging to bottom of van

Malaysian Restaurant – 16
-Malay driver leaves behind a bomb in restaurant which kills Chai’s wife, son, and 14 people seen in restaurant

Mansion Gate – 7
-Chai shoots 1 triad from inside car boot
-Chai shoots 2 more triads
-Chuan shoots 2 triads
-Kwok shoots 2 triads

Courtyard – 76
-Chuan killed by triads
-Chai blows up 5 triads with a 12-gauge grenade launcher
-Kwok blows up 10 triads with a M23 grenade launcher attached to an M16
-Chai blows up another 25 triads
-Kwok blows up another 3 triads
-2 triads fell off balcony
-30 more triads blown up by several consecutive explosions (its unsure which of these kills belonged to Chai, and which to Kwok, since they’re pumping grenades offscreen)

Mansion – 40

-Chai shoots 16 triads
-Kwok shoots 13 triads
-Triads kills 9 whores (damn, talk about exploitation)
-Chai pushed a burning trolley towards 1 triad, it blows up and incinerates him
-Yung kills 1 of his own bodyguards

Finale – 1

-Chai dropped Yung off balcony into blazing inferno


– 2 of Chai’s allies are shot by cops in the raid/arrest scene, but they didn’t die too