Total Recall (1990): Body Count Breakdown

Total Recall (1990) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender)


Douglas Quaid/Hauser (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 47
Melina (Rachel Ticotin): 12
Richter (Michael Ironside): 4
Thumbelina (Debbie Lee Carrington): 3
Benny (Mel Johnson, Jr.): 1


Opening: 8
-Soldiers shoots 8 rebels on news broadcast

Alley: 4
-Quaid breaks Harry’s neck
-Quaid breaks 1 agent’s neck
-Quaid shoots 2 agents

Subway Concourse: 5
-An innocent man is gunned down by agents and subsequently used as a shield
-Quaid shoots 4 agents

Terminal: 8
-Quaid throws an explosive animatronic head at a group of 6 soldiers, blowing up all of them in the subsequent explosion
-Richter accidentally shoots out windows, causing the atmosphere to depressurize and suck 2 soldiers out into the Mars air

Arrival: 7
-7 soldiers blown up by rebels’ explosion

Apartment: 1
-Quaid shoots Dr. Edgemar

“Consider that a divorce”: 5
-Melina shoots 4 agents
-Quaid shoots Lori

Bar: 9
-Richter shoots Mary (the three-titied hooker)
-Soldiers shoot 2 rebels
-Thumbelina stabs Helm
-1 soldier shot by the bartender
-1 soldier shot by a female rebel
-Thumbelina shoots 2 soldiers
-1 dead rebel shown at bar entrance as soldiers pull out

Colony: 19
-Quaid shoots 4 soldiers
-Soldiers shoot 2 rebels
-Rebels shoot 2 soldiers
-Soldiers shoot 9 more rebels
-Benny shoots George
-Richter shoots Kuato

Escape: 3
-Quaid stabs the lead tech in the throat with his arm strap
-Quaid impales 1 tech through the face with a metal rod
-Melina kills 1 soldier with a fire axe

“Benny, screw you!!!”: 1
-Quaid shoves a power drill through Benny

Mars Base: 24
-Quaid shoots 17 soldiers, 5 of whom are also shot by Melina
-Quaid shoots 5 more soldiers
-Melina shoots 2 soldiers

“See you at the party Richter!”: 1
-Quaid holds Richter over the edge of the elevator, causing Richter’s arms to be ripped off by a vertical beam and letting Richter fall to his death

Control Panel: 1
-Quaid throws Cohaagen into the Mars air, causing him to suffocate to death from lack of oxygen


-Quaid appears to die in the dream sequence at the start of the film, but his death isn’t shown as the screen cuts.
-Richter hits a man with his car, but he didn’t seem to be going fast enough to kill him.
-Quaid smashes a tech’s face during the escape scene and bloodies him, but he could’ve lived.
-Mars’ occupants, humans, and mutants alike are seen passing out due to lack of oxygen, many could’ve died but it’s impossible to tell who’s dead or alive.