Tomorrow Never Dies (1997): Body Count Breakdown

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by Gregglop09/actionguy05)


James Bond (Pierce Brosnan): 30
Stamper (Gotz Otto): 10
Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh): 5
Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce): 1
Kaufman (Vincent Schiavelli): 1


Arms Bazaar: 6
-Bond blows up 1 terrorist with a grenade
-Bond blows up a truck carrying a missile with a C4 charge, killing the driver
-Bond mows down 1 terrorist with the MiG guns
-Bond blows up a mounted gun truck, killing (at least) 1 terrorist inside
-Bond blows up a jeep, killing the driver
-1 terrorist driving away is blown up by the Navy cruise missile

“Backseat driver”: 2
-Bond ejects 1 MiG pilot into an MiG above his, blowing up him and the other pilot

Chinese Waters: 10
-Stamper shoots 9 British sailors
-1 Chinese MiG pilot is blown up by the stealh ship’s gun

Printing Press: 2
-Bond shoots 1 guard
-Bond punches a foreman into a newspaper machine, shredding him up

Hotel: 2
-Paris Carver found killed by Dr. Kaufman
-Bond shoots Kaufman

Parking Garage: 2
-2 henchmen in car are accidentally blown up by friendly fire

Boat: 4
-3 dead British sailors shown
-Stamper impales a fisherman with a speargun

Building Escape: 3
-Bond shoots 3 guards

Helicopter Chase: 4
-Bond ties a cord to a helicopter and causes it to crash, killing 4 hitmen onboard

Stealth Ship: 19
-Bond stabs 2 guards
-Bond shoots 1 guard
-Carver shoots Gupta
-Bond shoots another guard
-Wai Lin throws a shuriken into 1 guard’s throat
-Bond shoots 1 more guard
-Wai Lin shoots 2 guards
-Bond shoots 4 guards
-Wai Lin shoots 2 more guards
-Bond shoots 2 techs in the control room
-Bond pushes Carver into the path of the SeaDrill, carving him up
-Bond blows up the ship, killing Stamper onboard


-Possibly more terrorists get blown up at the bazaar, but only 1 is seen.
-More sailors mentioned dead.
-There could’ve been more people killed in the many explosions on the stealth ship, but none are shown.