Timeline (2003) Bodycount Breakdown

Timeline (2003) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Andre Marek (Gerard Butler): 6
Arnaut (Lambert Wilson): 4
Sir William De Kere/William Decker (Marton Csokas): 4
Lord Oliver de Vannes (Michael Sheen): 3
Kate Ericson (Frances O’Connor): 1


Opening: 1
-Taub is slashed by a knight’s sword and dies while talking to the professor

Woods: 2
-De Kere kills Jimmy
-An archer arrows Barreto

Hiding: 4
-An French soldier arrows 1 English Soldier
-De Kere stabs 2 French Soldiers
-Marek stabs 1 English Soldier

“I Am a Spy”: 1
-An Englishman stabs François

Escape: 2
-Kate stabs an English Soldier to death with an arrow
-Marek arrows 1 guard

Ambush: 3
-An English Soldier stabs 1 French Soldier
-A French Soldier stabs 1 English Soldier
-Arnaut kills 1 English Soldier

“So Did I!”: 1
-De Kere kills Gordon

Final Battle: 39
-English Soldiers kill 21 French Soldiers with night arrows
-A fireball blows up 2 French Soldiers
-Marek blows up the weapons aresnal, killing 3 English Soldiers
-English Archers arrow 3 French Soldier
-French Archers arrow 3 English Soldiers
-Lord Oliver kills 1 French Soldier
-Arnaut kills 1 English Soldier
-Arnaut kills Oliver’s main henchman
-Lord Oliver kills 2 French Soldiers
-Arnaut kills Lord Oliver
-Marek kills De Kere